Monday, August 8, 2011

Hi Guys,
I'm here and I'm well.  I am still working on getting in sufficient water every day; it's so hard for me! I did buy some instant tea to help flavor the water, so hopefully that'll help.

My eating has been...pretty good.  Far from perfect, but not totally overboard, either.  I will weigh on Thursday.

I've been really emotional and had bad cramps and bloating, but that is being resolved as we speak. ;-)

Not much else to report.  Talk to you soon!

1 comment:

  1. Hi RA, I have been holding your post because when you started back on the diet and wanted encouragement I felt like I couldn't give any to you if I couldn't do it myself. It seems awful to tell you to diet as I stuff another donut in my mouth. I want to be able to take my own advice before I give it to others. But it has bothered me not to comment so even though I can't do it myself I hope you can and I know you can because you have done it before. I am off to the gym for the first time in months so talk to you on the flip side. xo, MB