Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi All-
How have you been? I've been doing pretty good!

Today is Owen's biopsy appointment.  Actually, I'm not even sure they are going to do a biopsy.  Unless they just use local anesthetic since we never were told he had to fast or anything like that, which is standard procedure if they are going under.  I'm looking forward to the appointment and am not nervous anymore.  We're seeing the top dermatologist there and will hopefully have answers soon.  How much should I bet it's just eczema? ;-)  But isn't it weird that both his pediatrician AND the dermatologists who saw pictures of it wouldn't be able to identify it???

Anyway, soon enough we'll know.  I'll be sure to report back the findings.

Things are going well otherwise.  I have been doing my pool therapy and it feels really good.  I've started trying to do some moderate exercise as well, like doing "pull ups" on the handles leading out of the deep end, treading water, etc...  Anything to get my heart rate up and maybe, just maybe, start to tone my arms a teeny tiny bit.  It feels really good to at least be doing SOMETHING, since I can't even walk.  The weather had been so nice and the kids were BEGGING me to take a walk, and I just can't do it.  It cripples me.  :,(

I am excited for June to come and my joints/pelvis to go back to normal.  Usually PSD (pubic symphisis dysfunction) goes away after the baby is born.  Keeping my fingers crossed! And then I can really start to work on toning my pelvic floor and core muscles.

Last night Josh and I were going to order the stroller and carseat I had picked out.

This one, with the matching carseat.

But after reading the reviews on the carseat I didn't feel comfortable getting the carseat.  So I'm getting this carseat instead:

THEN, just as we were about to place our order (from Amazon) we both had a stroke of genius! Josh remembered we have a bunch of points from our debit card that we could cash in for a gift card to Amazon, so we got $125 from that, and I remembered I had about $20 worth of Swagbucks to cash in.  So we're waiting to get the $145 from those two things and THEN we'll order them. :-D Aren't we smart!? ;-)

So as soon as we get those certificates we'll be getting the stroller and carseat, hooray! My sister is loaning us her bassinet, so other than maybe a swing I think we're pretty set for baby girl.  We do need to get smaller things, like the infant bathtub (our kitchen sink is the huge, farmhouse style so it doesn't work for baby baths) and maybe some bottles and pacifiers, etc...  It's crazy how much STUFF you can acquire for babies!  But in all reality, you don't need THAT much.  Of course, you can never have too many baby clothes, right!? :-D  I've got several newborn outfits, and will be getting more larger sizes from my SIL who has several tubs full.  She is also having a baby girl, due one week before me, so we're going to try to share the stuff.  Hopefully it works out. :)

Well, I'd better go jump in the shower and get ready for the day.  I'll check back in either later today or tomorrow with the results of Owen's appointment.

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