Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Things

Hey there!
How are you guys? I'm good. :)

Josh and I had a fabulous weekend away.  It was so relaxing and nice.  We got to our resort around 4pm and after unloading our stuff we headed to Applebee's for half price appetizers. ;-) We got onion rings and boneless chicken wings and it was so good.  After that we headed to a movie theater and watched The Vow.  Seriously good movie.  It's based on a true story and we both loved it and cried at the end. ;-)

Then we headed back to the resort and sat in the hot tub while it snowed! So super nice.  The next day we watched a LOT of HGTV and got ideas for what we want to do to our house. :-D  I took a super luxurious nap in the afternoon and then we watched a movie called Midnight in Paris.  It had Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson and was interesting.  I liked it, Josh didn't.

Sunday we woke up to a text from my sister saying Christian had a high fever so we packed up and hit the road.  It had snowed a bunch while we were there so we had to pull over and put chains on and took us longer to get home, but we eventually made it home safe and sound.

Now we're just settling back into our routines.

Baby Girl is growing every day. I am BY FAR the biggest this pregnancy that I've ever been.  The baby moves SO MUCH, all the time.  You can see my stomach rolling and moving as she kicks and moves around in there.  It reassures me that she's happy and healthy. :)

This is me last week, at 24 weeks:

I got my stroller yesterday! We ordered it off Amazon and it came amazingly fast. I love, love, love it! All the kids took turns pushing it around, pretending our baby was in it. ;-)  Jen is loaning me her Snugride infant seat, which is a huge blessing! Don't worry, it doesn't expire until Dec. 2014 by which time our baby will have long outgrown it.

All in all things are good.  We've been enjoying greek yogurt with granola and raspberries, and also a lot of salad with chicken on top.  As well as some junk like pizza Combos, Mike & Ikes, etc... :-P

I hope you're all well! Today is my 8th wedding anniversary so I'm off to make things nice for my beloved. :)


  1. Sorry you had to cut your trip short I hope he is feeling better.
    I am still saying you barely look pregnant in that picture!