Friday, February 24, 2012

Going on a little trip

On Tuesday, February 28th, my honey and I will celebrate 8 years married. :-D

This weekend we're going away for some R&R. It opened up at the last minute and things fell into place, so in a few hours we'll be heading to the eastern regions of our state!

We went grocery shopping yesterday and I was actually proud of us for not loading up on junk in the name of "having a fun vacation".  Don't get me wrong, Mike & Ike's and Good & Plenty will definitely be on the agenda this weekend. ;-) But we are also taking salad and rotisserie chicken, greek yogurt and granola, fresh pineapple and raspberries. YUM.

These past 8 years have been so... Full.  We've been through so much together, and yet here we are, still in love.  And actually, more understanding of each other than ever before.

Marriage is work.  Lots of work.  Men and women sure don't communicate in the same ways!!! I'm sure anyone in a relationship knows that.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to no little bodies hogging the bed, waking up with the sunrise and enjoying a cup of coffee while looking out on the stunning views, snuggled up to my man. :)

In other good news, baby girl has returned to her ninja-like ways. :-D Not as frequent, but her kicks and punches are definitely stronger, like they used to be.  Lucky for me (and I'm totally NOT being sarcastic here!) she is currently breech, so her arms/legs are facing down.  So I feel all the kicks and punches in my lower abdomen, as opposed to in my ribs and organs.  She can stay this way until the week before I deliver if she wants. ;-D


  1. Awwww...that was a super cute mental picture of her kicking away! Funny thing...tonight I was at McGrath's waiting in line for takeout on our *awesome* date night going to my parent's date night because my darling little baby boy is not able to handle theaters or restaurants...ahem..anyway...I saw this lady there waiting in line who must've been like 8-9 months pregnant. I totally teared up!! I didn't even anticipate that it would be emotional for me to see another very pregnant woman, but honestly, it is so special to be pregnant! I never thought I would be saying this, but it really really is. I am so happy for you, RA, and I can't wait to meet another little baby girl aka Josh + Ruth Anne. =)