Friday, February 10, 2012

The Diagnosis

Yesterday was QUITE the adventure. 

The hospital we were going to for Owen's appt is on a huge campus with other training schools.  I found the actual hospital just fine, but then when I went to park... it was like I fell down Alice's hole in Wonderland.  I went into what I thought was the correct parking garage, only to be faced with unending aisles of "Permit Parking Only" spots.  And then I couldn't find my way back out, we just kept going around and around and around without an exit in sight.

I finally found one space that said "Patient Parking" and you can bet your bottom dollar I squeezed our extra wide Odyssey into that space, in spite of being smashed between a monster truck and another car.  I literally had 6 inches to get out of my car; still don't know how I managed it, but I did get all dirty from sliding along the side of the van.

So we found a parking spot... and had NO CLUE where we were or which way the hospital was from where we ended up.  So we found an elevator and rode it up. To the top.  And came out... in the parking garage!!  So we got out, walked around, found a street and crossed it, which lead to another elevator.  So we took that one up.  Came out into the longest hallway/skybridge you've ever seen.  We started walking, hoping we were going the right direction.  Did I mention it was just Owen and I? Yeah.  We're not so great at directions. 

Just as I was pulling out my phone to call the office for help I saw a sign that said where the children's hospital was, so we walked that way.  Another elevator ride (luckily I remembered it was on the 7th floor) and then we had to wander around until we found the blue fish sign.  We finally found it and checked in 5 minutes late. :-/  I hate, hate, hate being late to things.  But all was fine, we got checked in and were soon taken back.

The first nurse that came in asked a bunch of questions and had Owen take off his clothes so she could inspect every square inch of skin.  This was MORTIFYING for Owen, even though he had a gown on.  Once she left I held Owen and played games with him, trying to lighten the mood.  Then the doctor came in; SUPER duper nice man.   He sat down, took one look at Owen's arm, felt it and pronounced...

"It's just scar tissue."

The angels started singing and everything was rainbows and sunshine!!!  Apparently Owen had some sort of initial injury (which neither he nor I can remember.)  And then he scraped the skin off of it twice at the playground, which we do remember.  And because of the way the skin was scraped off and the way it's healing, it's a very odd scar.  There are little white bumps on it, which are just pockets of dead skin.  And then by some miraculous turn, we even found our van again!!

So, he'll probably have the scar his whole life and won't tan in that area but he is 100% completely fine!

Such good news.  We celebrated by having lunch with Josh at Burger King. :-D

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts!

To end with, I'll just leave you with this disturbing image (which I'm sure you've all seen) and remind you... There IS such a thing as being too skinny!!!

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  1. So glad he is OK!!! I'm sure you are super thankful!!!
    and that photo is prob photoshopped and very disturbing!Hope our teens dont think they have to look like that!!!