Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday 'Fess Up

It's Friday, folks! Yippee!!

I confess:

*I still woke up with a pounding headache this morning, even after not eating wheat yesterday. I guess it must take more than one day to get out of my system.

*I am reading a tome. There's no other way to explain it. It's 661 pages long and weighs two pounds. It almost hurts my hands to hold it while I read. It's called The Name of the Wind and it's pure brilliance. MEGAN-I think you'd love it.

*The author of the book looks creepily and eerily similar to Zach Galigianakis' character in Dinner for Schmucks.
*I love fortune cookies. I don't know why, I just do. One year for my birthday I got a whole bag of them as a gift and it was one of the best presents ever.

*My 4 year old mooned all the people at McDonald's the other day. I dropped my debit card, turned around to pick it up and was met with his tiny pink hiney waving in my face. Oh, the horror and shame! I asked him why on earth he did such a thing and he said he saw someone riding on a bike and their bottom was showing. Naturally, he needed to show his, too. It was not super fun, I'll tell you that.

*I don't know what crudites are, but feel like I should. Is it just a fancy way of saying crackers and spreads?

*We are getting a family picture taken on Tuesday. I can't wait; the lady does amazing work and this will be only the 2nd time we've had pictures professionally taken. The first time doesn't even really count, since we had them done at Wal-Mart. Don't judge.

*I still need to find a shirt for said family portrait.

*Josh shaved his head again last night and I love the way it feels. Even if it does make him look like a Skinhead. He also gave both boys haircuts. That man rocks my socks.

*I am totally breaking out the Christmas music soon. Just have to go through my CD's and find them all.

*I need to buy more candles, as mine are almost burned out now.

I was successful in cutting out wheat yesterday, even when I made some delicious chicken enchiladas for my family. I didn't eat them. Here is a run down of my food for yesterday:

~cup of chai with splash of cream
~1 slice of turkey breast lunch meat with 2 slices cheddar cheese
~tuna fish with mayo, spicy mustard, 1/2 an apple, pickle and seasoning eaten with 8 mini sweet peppers
~bowl of oatmeal made with almond milk, a scoop of protein powder, 2T flax seed, 1T organic peanut butter and 1T honey
~cup of chai with splash of cream

Amazingly, that food was almost exactly the amount of calories The Daily Plate says I need to eat to lose 2 pounds a week. It seems like hardly any food; actually it is. The protein powder and flax seed were over 200 calories alone.

Today I'm focusing on staying within my calories, not eating wheat and drinking at least 75oz of water.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oooooo love good reads!! 2 lbs tho! Ha! Whoa, chicka!

    Sorry your headache is still lingering.. stinky! Have you taken anything for it? I know I know.. most people don't like to pop pills, but I am no opposed if it means getting me through the day. Headaches are SO hard!

    Next tea time, I am gonna be thinkin' of ya ;)

  2. You can buy non wheat wraps for enchiladas. They are by Food for Life, and they make really good, small corn ones. I believe they come from America, so are not only here.

    Feel better!

    My choir is singing Christmas music already, so I'm quite ready to have it playing at home!