Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giving up the Gold Medal

Flour, that is.

I've been doing some thinking and I think I have a wheat allergy.

I baked Challah bread yesterday and had some, not a whole lot. Just one piece. But I also had half a cheese bagel and a piece of french toast.

The end result was NOT pretty.

My ears ached, my neck/throat was sore and itchy, I turned into the meaner sister of the Wicked Witch of the West, I was lethargic/exhausted. Basically, I turned into a train wreck. And I do have to admit, that was a LOT of wheat for one day.

So, I'm going to try to cut out wheat. EEK! I love my carbs, so very dearly. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but if it helps me be more even keeled, then it's worth it.

I really need to start journaling my food, or inputting it online. Yesterday I think the only "protein" I had was the cheese in my bagel and the chicken in my Chinese dinner. Really not so good. At all.

Today I had some turkey breast and cheese for breakfast. I know, it's weird. And I know I should probably think about cutting out dairy too, but I'm starting with wheat. I also had a cup of chai tea with a bit of half and half. It was super delicious, just fyi, and only 90 calories. Probably an even 100 with the splash of cream.

So anyway, that's the biggest thing going on around here. No wheat. Last night I was mourning and lamenting the fact that at Thanksgiving I wouldn't be able to eat rolls or pie or stuffing. It's painful to think about! Don't laugh at me!! ;-)

I'm going to try to be really strict for 7 days, cutting out all wheat and see if I notice a difference. I'll also be hitting up Tereza's website for some good gluten free recipes. :-D


  1. I get so tired and gross feeling when I eat wheat its sad to watch myself. I hope going off off it will cure that problem for ya!

  2. I'm really curious to see how this goes for you!!! I have felt for a long time that this is the case for me too - not that I'm necessarily allergic to wheat, but just that wheat products in general, DO make a person feel crappy. They also make me bloated BIGTIME and show up on the scale right away.

    I actually bought some rye flour, some rice flour, and spelt flour the other day at WinCo cuz I know I've seen one or all of those in Tereza's recipes. I want to try some of them, especially since I know Tereza requires them to pass her inspection before she puts them on her website, lol! So be sure to let us know how it goes!

  3. Hi lovie!! Just have to tell you I TOTALLY get the gluten sensitivity. It was a bummer of a rude awakening for me too lately. But not having it in me, has made the HUGEST difference! Thankyou for sharing that gluten free site.. it's a new adventure!

    Hugs.. Amy

  4. good luck to us :) I am going without wheat and dairy.