Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest Day

Howdy, Folks!

Today is a day off from exercise, and I couldn't be more excited about it. :-D I feel like I worked really, really hard in my class yesterday. Apparently the instructor came to stand in front of my bike several times to make sure I was ok, but I was so in my zone with my eyes closed that I didn't even realize he was standing there! He often walks around the class, encouraging people individually, but I don't know how I didn't notice him standing right in front of me! LOL

Today I had a super yummy breakfast; I saw it on a fellow blogger's site and actually, have seen it several places. I made some oatmeal with almond milk, then mixed in organic, sugar-free peanut butter, a bit of honey and cut up banana. SO GOOD. I think I'll try to eat it tomorrow before my workout and see if it helps with the nausea. I still haven't found exactly the right meal to eat before I work out. I either get really weak and lethargic or really nauseated. We'll see how this breakfast works.

Otherwise I can make a protein shake with my chocolate protein powder, almond milk, banana and peanut butter or almonds or walnuts.

I'm doing pretty well. It helps so much to have my hormones in balance. I just can't even express it. It's the difference between heaven and hell, for lack of a better way to explain it.

I've also been walking Kate to and from the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. She decided she really wanted to ride the bus, and it's actually more convenient for me, too. I was very leery at first, what with the sex offender in the neighborhood and all. But there are around 15 kiddos at her bus stop and usually 3 or 4 moms. That's really nice, because M,W,F I usually drop her off around 9:05 and head to my spin class at the gym. The bus doesn't come til 9:12, so it's really nice there are other adults there until all the kiddos get on the bus.

Tuesdays and Thursday mornings the boys and I stay with her til she boards the big yellow school bus. =) And in the afternoons we head on over and pick her up. It's not very far; maybe 3 blocks, but it's just really nice to head out into the fresh air for a brisk walk. I think we'll do it most days, unless it is dumping buckets of rain.

I've really fallen off the Clean Eating bandwagon this past 10 days or so. I need to read the book again so I can comprehend it, but at the moment I just don't have the gumption to do so. I've been doing fairly well with cooking meals that include whole foods and not a lot of processed stuff, but definitely don't have the 6 small meals a day down.

I hope you're having a nice Tuesday!

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