Wednesday, October 20, 2010


First of all, thank you so much for your prayers and sweet words. They mean so much.

It looks like Mom will be having surgery next week, so we're planning to go down this weekend and have some family time beforehand.

I can't wait to see everyone, hug everyone, and spend quality time with them. It's really hard being far away and unable to do anything or help anyone.

Mom is an amazing woman. She has given birth to 16 children; no multiples. Her oldest two are less than a year apart; Irish Twins. Josh and his older sister are the same age for 3 days. Basically, she had a baby every 12-18 months for 16 years. She is simply amazing.

She is full of love and care.

I hear all these horrible mother-in-law stories, and I am so blessed to never have experienced any of that. I started calling her "mom" early on, during my engagement to Josh. Between her and my mom, I am truly blessed.

Things are going pretty well here. I haven't been to spinning class in a week. My boys have been sick, and then finding out about Mom's tumor, I didn't have the emotional capacity to deal with leaving Owen screaming and kicking in the daycare. I just couldn't do it. I'm hoping to possibly start back next week.

I was doing well with the no wheat, then after the cereal incident it's gone a bit downhill. We had a young couple over for dinner and I made Swiss Chicken (so easy, and so good), homemade crescent rolls (thanks for the recipe, Tereza!), homemade honey butter, corn, and salad. Oh, and a pumpkin roll for dessert. I had 2 rolls and a small piece of the pumpkin cream cheese roll.

I've been nibbling on the rolls, honey butter and pumpkin dessert ever since. And I've been paying the price. Horrible, pounding headaches and bloating. Some stomach cramps and digestion issues. Bleh.

I'll continue to do my best to steer clear of them, but I'm gonna need some help from above. I clearly can't do it on my own. I am an emotional eater. It's something I working through.

We had family pictures taken yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and I've seen a few sneak peeks, and they turned out so well! The kids cooperated far better than I expected, and the photographer was phenomenal.

I may or may not have stolen these from her FB site...

I can't wait to see all of them. We paid for the whole CD, so we'll be getting around 150 pictures. So excited.

And in light of recent circumstances, I am so thankful for these 3 little souls. And for my husband.


  1. so glad you get to go visit them!!!

    The pictures turned out beautiful!!!!!!! I love the one of the kids...gorgeous!
    And you my dear look fabulous!!!!!!

  2. Ruth Anne!! Look at your beautiful family! LOVE these!! So beautiful!

    Giving up wheat is so hard! Bread is one of those pleasures in life that's easy to step back into isn't it? Especially when it comes to HOMEMADE croissants.. hello! Whoa!! I would have had a hard time with that one as well!! Heesh.. how do you not want to take a taste of that.. and pumpkin roll.. oy! I so get that!

    Thankyou for sharing about your momma in law.. she sounds like a delightful and loving woman. What a blessing to have her in your life! 16 children!!! She is my hero! :) praying your time with family brings comfort to each of your hearts during this time. She is still in my prayers. Big hug.. Amy

  3. Your family is gorgeous, Ruth Anne, simply gorgeous.

    What a blessing to have a MIL you can speak so highly of. God's in control and His timing is best. Keep believing....