Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Mary Beth

MB, this is just for you! =)

Go to the doctor, woman. STAT.  You will feel SO MUCH BETTER.  I promise.

I will get on later today (hopefully!!) and give you all a recount of my MD visit, but for now I just want to encourage all of you who were putting off doctor's appointments to just get them scheduled and do it!

It lifts a burden you may not even have known you were carrying.  I feel 99% better after just going to see the doctor (who was VERY kind and funny and thorough and I love) and beginning the process of sorting everything out.

She is 99% sure I do NOT have a brain tumor. Shocking, huh? :-P 

So I just wanted to pop on (I have masses of housework to catch up on) and encourage you, Mary Beth, to make an appointment.  If you have insurance and the means to go, just do it!! It will be such a weight lifted.  I speak from experience.  Do it for me, if you can't do it for yourself. :-)  Call today and get it over with.

And that goes for the rest of you too, if you've been putting off an appointment because you're scared of the results, or you feel too busy to go, or you have to pick a provider and it's all just too daunting and overwhelming.  MAKE TIME.  Sit down, organize it all and get the process started.  You will not regret it.  I promise.  I triple promise!!!

I hope you all make time to take care of yourself, because in the words of L'Oreal.... YOU'RE WORTH IT.  You really, really are.

I'll be back either today or tomorrow with the full run down of my appointment.  But I'm well and SO RELIEVED.  So very relieved. =)


  1. Oh trust me I go. 2 times a year to the dermatologist (red hair and green eyes, can you say skin cancer), 4 times to dentist, 1 to ob/gyn, and 4 times to internist because of my thyroid. I just don't want to go and I don't want to make appointments. Unfortunately almost all these doctors call me or have me auto scheduled.
    Thank you for caring though it means alot to me : )
    PS looking at this list reminds me I need to see an eye doctor, ugh!

  2. Glad our RA is healthy and has a burden lifted!