Monday, April 25, 2011

MRI results

I don't have any brain tumors or any other abnormalities in my brain. WOO HOO!  :-D

I do have some nasal/sinus congestion so I'm on penicillin for that and then I go back for a follow up MRI to see if it's cleared.  If it hasn't that means it may need to be cleared out via surgery.  When I told my mom about the congestion, she mentioned that both my grandma and uncle had the surgery because their nasal passages were so clogged it gave them headaches!

So, so, so thankful nothing major is wrong in my noggin!  It doesn't explain the migraines or the nausea  or sheer exhaustion, but I'm just thankful that we ruled that out.

I've been doing fairly well otherwise.  Still having trouble with no appetite, so I don't eat and then I get really weak (and more headaches) because I haven't fueled my body properly. Working on it, though.  The penicillin and Zoloft make my stomach very queasy and I get nauseated quite easily when I eat.  So it's a tricky balance.

I head to Arizona this week to see Dr. Ray and I'm very much looking forward to feeling better, emotionally.  I'm excited to see how long I feel good when I'm not messing with my hormones. ;-)  I'm not sure if I'll stay on the Zoloft, or if I'll switch to something else.  I also still am having lots of trouble sleeping.  I wake up for no reason and don't fall asleep for a couple hours.  Last night I woke up a little after 2a.m. and didn't fall back asleep until after 4a.m.  My eyes are burning and feel like they might fall out of my head, but it's a restful, easy day around here so all is well.

I had a very nice Easter Day with my family and am so thankful for all the blessings in my life!


  1. So glad nothing major is wrong!!!! Must be a huge relief for you!

  2. I can imagine you are relieved, but wish something could explain your symptoms at the same time. I"m frustrated for you RA!

  3. Great news on the brain tumor front. I would be very thankful that you still don't have an answer about the problems because I would not want to know all of it was from a brain tumor. I can imagine how frustrating all of this is, I know my migraines are from lack of sleep but also certain light so at this time of year I get more of them because of how bright the sun is all day. I am on a sleeping pill everyday but still wake up after 5 hours of sleep at about 4 am. I am wondering if this is just out of habit at this point.
    I am also on the fence about asking for zoloft because of your description. I would like to not get too emotional but would like to have some emotion, I wonder if it will let up a little after you are on it for some time.
    Good luck with Dr. Ray, I know that always makes you feel better.

  4. Hey!! I was on Zoloft from the time Seneca was born(basically), until a few months ago...I don't recall having any side effects from it, but do know I couldn't live without it!! Everytime I stopped taking it, I turned into a basketcase! Hope you works well for you!