Friday, April 15, 2011


It's Friday, Friday, yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday... :-P  Hee Hee  That song has the dumbest lyrics EVER! However Rebecca Black is cute and has a good voice for only being 12. Or 13 or whatever.

But. I am happy it's Friday.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Thursdays are crazy around these here parts and I had a meltdown and had to take my 2nd to last Xanax.  Eeekkkk!!

Anyway, about my doc appt last week.  First off, I LOVED the doctor.  She was hilarious and quirky and honest and blunt and I trust her completely.  She was compassionate, and even came right out and asked if I was afraid I had a brain tumor.  And then she didn't laugh or make me feel dumb when I said, "Well, actually, yeah.  I am afraid of that."  She said it's completely normal for people to wonder if there's something wrong in their noggin when there is excruciating pain, especially if it changes your eyesight and you have other physical changes.

After asking me lots of questions about the severity, frequency, type of pain etc... and performing some neurological tests, she told me she is 99% certain I DON'T have a tumor. :-D  But she is ordering an MRI anyway because there is that 1% chance and she likes to cover all her bases and she wants me to have that concrete proof also.

Next Wednesday I'll have the MRI.

And she is also 99% certain that all the pain, vision changes, nausea, etc... is being caused from migraines.  Migraines induced by lack of sleep and extreme stress.  And she, being the supersmart doctor she is said there are certain medications that are non-addictive that prevent migraines AND help you sleep! So she is prescribing some for me.

But first we are trying to get the records from the kooky doctor I saw in WA who didn't get any background info on me before she saw me.  They want to know what she prescribed me for migraines because it didn't work and also find out what the deal was with the positive HPV result from my pap.  Because the chances of me actually having HPV are very, very, very slim.

So HOORAY all around! ;-)  I feel very comfortable with this doctor; I feel like I can be completely honest with my symptoms and she takes them seriously.  She is extremely thorough and knows her stuff.  I trust her so completely that at the end of my appt I even asked if it was necessary if I have the MRI, since everything she said made sense and relieved my fears of a brain tumor lurking in there.  But she said she wanted to order it anyway, just so we're both 100% sure.  And I'm good with that!

I have a super busy day and weekend ahead of me, so I'd best be off.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Thats great news my dear! Happy you found a great doc!

  2. So happy to hear you have a 99% chance of not having a brain tumor. One time I had a lump coming out of my skull and I thought it could possibly be a tumor (remember that old movie Death Be Not Proud?) it was actually just a cyst but boy was I scared.
    I can't wait to find out what meds for the migraines that also help you sleep, would love to ask my doctor about it.
    Keep up the good work with taking care of yourself, it will pay off in the end, xoxo, MB