Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christian's Eye Surgery

Christian's surgery was today, and it went very well!

He came out of the anesthesia just fine, no screaming or being violent or anything like that.  But then he was in so much pain. :,(  He kept saying, "It hurts!!!" and squeezing his eyes shut.  He couldn't open them because it was too painful.  There was a little bit of blood around his eyes, but nothing horrific.  We got him some Tylenol and once that kicked in he felt a lot better.

Here he is, drugged up watching cartoons and waiting to go the OR:

And here we are, before surgery:

Once we got home we both crashed.  We'd been up since 6 and were TIRED.  I had to get up and go to my first pool therapy session.  It was really nice, and I look forward to continuing my therapy there.  They gave me some exercises to do in the water to strengthen my core.  
When I got home, Christian was up and feeling much better.  He had his eyes open and was eating.  I tried to snap a good picture, but he just looks goofy. :-P

His eyes are still a little swollen, but only bloodshot on the outer corners, so far.  Nothing like what I was expecting.  We'll see if it gets worse tomorrow, but so far I'm very pleasantly surprised. And so SO glad it's done and over with!!!


  1. I am so glad all went well with the surgery. One more thing not to worry about. BTW, you look great in this picture also. MB