Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When it rains, it pours

Goodness.  I am not feeling well. At all.

I've had a really bad headache, bordering on migraine, for 3 days.  It hurts so bad I've been throwing up, which is causing me to be extremely dehydrated.  In addition, I've been under more stress than usual, which is manifesting itself by cold sores all over my lips.

This morning I've just cried and cried.  I am so tired, my head hurts so bad, my lips are cracked and peeling and stinging and burning from the cold sores.  My brother is getting married on the 21st and I don't want to have a mouth full of cold sores!!

The boys are being insane; fighting (like physically punching each other, which is so NOT allowed), screaming, crying.  Kate is having major attitude issues and from the time she gets home from school until she goes to bed, she is yelling, stomping her feet, crying that nothing in her life is fair.

Josh has been extra busy, which means he's been gone more often than usual.  He's had meetings or other commitments 3 out of the last 5 nights. (Stop laughing, Tereza, I know Rob is gone way more than that!) ;-)

I need to go grocery shopping in a major way.  We have bread and peanut butter and milk, and that really is basically it.  I need to take back some jeans I bought for Kate that don't fit and exchange them, and I have to do it by tomorrow.  The dog stinks and needs a bath.  Christian has a doc appt today in preparation for his surgery, and I have to get both kids out of school early in order to make it.  We need to go order glasses for Owen.  I need to find shoes for Kate and Owen for my brother's wedding, as well as something for me to wear.  The boys tracked mud all over the carpet yesterday that I need to clean up, and I also see now that they smeared mud on the couches.  Luckily they are leather and should wipe right off. I have no more shampoo or conditioner, so I used the kids body wash and now my hair is frizzy, dry and just generally a laughing stock.

Anyway, today I just feel totally and absolutely drained.  No reserve left. No energy.  I don't know how I'm going to accomplish everything that needs to be done.  I kind of just want to curl up into a ball and cry, and then sleep for several days straight.  :-P

I know this too shall pass, I know it's just a stage and most likely I'll feel 50% better, just getting fluids (which is happening today; I called the doctor crying and they are sending me in).  I guess maybe I just needed to get it all off my chest so I can breathe and move on.

In good news, my ultrasound is in 8 days!  My SIL who is due the week before me found out she's having a girl. :)  I really am so excited to find out who's in there, and will be so excited whether it's a boy or girl.  I have no clue anymore!

I hope you all have a good day, and I hope this post wasn't the Debbie Downer Post of the century. ;-)  I'll report back soon, and hopefully will be feeling much  better!


  1. Wow...I'm certainly sorry for your recent troubles...would it make you feel good to know that by me reading this, I've put my crappy day into a much better perspective? Hang in there!

  2. So sorry this is all happening to you right now. Have you ever thought about ordering groceries online and having them delivered? I know most places do that and every little bit helps, right.
    As for the dog, let him stink, that is what he is suppose to do.
    I am sending good thoughts your way that it eases up a bit for you soon. xo, MB