Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lately my favorite thing in the whole world to eat is Special K with Red Berries.  It's so so so good!  I have to limit myself though, because too much milk makes me very sick.  No bueno.

Not too much else going on around here.  I think we finally found a name! It'll be the first time we're going with a "proper" name but calling her by a nickname.  However, when I started thinking about her as the nickname, it totally clicked.  We don't tell until they are born so... only about 133 day until the big reveal. :-P

In other news, I'm going away this coming weekend with my sister and mom! We're going to a lakehouse at the beach and I positively can't wait!  There is a big outlet chain there and I plan to get my shopping on for Baby Girl.  I have coupons to Carters and Motherhood.  I found some adorable outfits at Target last night, but resisted the urge to buy them yet because I want to see what the outlets have to offer, and Target will ALWAYS go on clearance at some point.

I am LOVING the tiny, pink, girly stuff!

I did find some things for me while at Target.  2 thin, long sleeve shirts, a cute sweatshirt, some new undies and a new water bottle.  Hopefully that'll encourage me to drink more water; I still struggle with that. 
I have been craving salads lately so I've had some delicious ones with rotisserie chicken, carrots, cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes and avocadoes on them.  Actually, I'm gonna go make one now. :-D

What's new with you guys?

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