Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tereza's Wise Words

My good friend Tereza left me this comment after my post yesterday, and I think what she said is really, really good. So I'm posting it here for everyone to read. I'm glad she persevered and kept trying to comment even when she lost it the first 2 times!

Thank you, Tereza.  It was just exactly what I needed to hear.

Third time typing this cause I keep loosing the comment!!!!! But I really wanted to tell you this so here we go..hopefully third time is the charm:)
Dearest Ruth!!!
The surgery sounds so scary but I'm happy to hear that he is in the care of really good doctors who know what they are doing!
About the weight gain....everyones situation and body is so different and frankly I am so tired of the way one type of feminine body is the only acceptable look!! Seriously...God made everyone unique and gave the unique beauty to go with it!!!
I hereby release you of all depressed feelings about how you look, all comparing, all wishing and wanting and even THINKING that you are supposed to be something other than what you are right at this moment...January 2012!! You are where you are supposed to be in life...you are growing a brand new LIFE and you situation renders you somewhat imobile!! Therefore you are not even supposed to be thinner and you are supposed to gain weight!!!! Think of it that way...total acceptance of your new beautiful body...all its rolls of extra fat storage...doing their job...getting you ready for months of nursing baby and rushed days where you wont have time to sit and munch!!! It's storing up reserves. Learn to appreciate this wonderful survival mechanism!!!!! LOVE your body!!
THEN with this new mind...cut down white foods to just half if you wish...dont deprive yourself but think of it as feeding your beautiful, wonderful, functioning body (its not broken for being chubby and gaining!!!! its doing what its supposed to do...hell with what society thinks!!)....the half of whites you don't eat...replace with good nourishing foods such as crunchy veggies of all color, fruit of many kinds, and healthy grains made into delicious...low sugar breads and treats. Treat yourself with utmost care...your body is a QUEEN right now!!!
Also...why not go shopping and dress this lovely, life giving body in beautiful clothes!! Dont wait to be smaller before you treat yourself to well fitting, stylish clothes that make you feel happy and give you that boost! You'll see how much easier it is then to eat healthy and appreciate yourself when you feel pretty and have plenty to choose from in your closet for any occasion!

thats my advice...to sum it up
1. shut off your mind to how you think you are supposed to look cause you already look it!
2. reverse your thoughts to think of yourself as a beautiful unique woman with and awesome life giving body!!! Think of your rolls as something your body is doing for you to help you in the future...think of your rolls and bumps as lovely round, full curves instead!!
3. Eat healthy..NOURISH your body for you and your baby...but dont deprive yourself of treats...slowly crowd out the unnourishing foods with colorful, nourishing ones!!
4. Buy yourself LOTS of clothes...make your closet sing!!!So you can sing when you open it:):) You deserve it...your body deserves it for being so awesome and doing its job so well taking care of you and housing your spirit!!

Sorry this was so long:) I just had to!!
PS: spelling sucks...I'm in hurry...kids everywhere!!

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  1. It was a great comment.

    Another name...

    Felicity - it's a virtue name, meaning happiness. I think it goes well with your son Christian's name.