Monday, January 16, 2012

King Martin Day

The other day Christian informed me that today was King Martin Day, and he didn't have to go to school.  He also told me that King Martin ruled the world before Jesus did. :-D

We spent a little bit of time at dinner last night talking about Martin Luther King, Jr and what he did and stood for. It was so refreshing to see the kids with their wide-eyed innocence.  They simply could not comprehend why people would be forced to use different bathrooms or drinking fountains just because their skin was a different color.  I grew up in the deep south, and I must say my mom did a wonderful job because I've never understood racism either.  We are all PEOPLE.  God made us all.  Who cares what color our skin is?

Christian's teacher taught it in a very smart way, I think.  She said, "What if I just decided that anyone who had a different haircut than mine couldn't have recess today?" Well, that sure got everyone's attention cuz first of all it basically eliminated all the boys as her hair is shoulder length.  And most of the girls don't have gray hair, so, LOL. :) 

Anyway, I'm glad to raise my children to view everyone equally and I hope I can continue to instill empathy and compassion in them towards all their fellow men.

Today is a busy day for us! I have so many errands to run... birthday present shopping, baking 12 cakes for cakeballs for my brother's wedding, exchanging Kate's shoes and a pair of pants, taking Kate to the birthday party, bathing the stinky dog because the groomer got stuck in the snow (?? We have like one inch!) and can't do it til next week, then a lingerie shower tonight.

My ultrasound is Thursday, so that's super fun to look forward to! MB-I actually love the name Noelle, but since the baby will be born in June and not anywhere near Christmas it doesn't seem to fit.

I'm gonna go cuz I have lots to do AND because my computer is being wonky and keep deleting letters, skipping all over the page, deleting paragraphs and just generally being a pain.

Happy Monday!

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