Monday, February 7, 2011

Famous last words

HA. I laugh at myself. After congratulating myself for being in the 130's, even at the end of the day when I'm at my heaviest... something happened. And honestly, I'm not entirely sure what.

Saturday we went to the wedding. I had a very good time with Josh (no kids!!) and Jen and Macy. I also got to see some dear friends, one from Denmark and also Tereza from Canada. =) The wedding was beautiful and it was SO nice to see all our friends. It made me miss them so much; we only lived there for 9 months but there were definite bonds forged between us.

Anyway, I ate very much in moderation all day. For breakfast I had a handful of raw almonds and Starbucks oatmeal, minus the nuts and fruit they give you. I also ordered a white chocolate americano with cream, but I only ended up drinking 1/4 of it because it was too sweet and I got jittery. Later they served chicken alfredo, spinach/pear/almond salad and dessert. I ate until just before full with the alfredo and salad, and then had a few bites of cheesecake and a couple bites of chocolate cake. We stopped on the way home and I ate 2 fried chicken strips. I also had 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a few Sour Patch Kids.

I didn't drink enough water, that is for sure. But I still didn't expect to get on the scale on Sunday and see what I saw.

I was up FOUR pounds. 4. I have never ever been up that much. I know a good deal of it was water weight. And those four pounds put me right over 140. I weighed in at 140.4; I about choked when I saw the number. I wasn't expecting it at all. So Sunday I fasted, drinking over 100oz of water. But I think I may have thrown my electrolytes off or something because towards evening I got super sick. I had gone to the store to buy steak, but when I got home I ended up just going to bed at 7pm.

I felt like I had the flu; my body ached and I had a headache and I was woozy. I didn't even end up eating my steak. I also had taken a laxative because I was so constipated that it hurt. Wow. Those things are brutal. I think I'd rather take the discomfort from being backed up over the intestinal cramping that came with the laxative! It woke up me at 3:15 and I had one bowel movement and then I couldn't go back to sleep until after 5:30.

Today I'm tired, so very tired. And even though I did lose almost 3 pounds so that I'm back down to 137.8 today and below 2 pounds gained, I'm still fairly close. Only 0.6 away from being 2 pounds over again. Blah. I still feel under the weather as well. So I'm going to try to drink plenty of water and eat sensibly. I had an egg and 1 turkey sausage and 1/4 piece of toast for breakfast and I'm working on a cup of coffee.

My intestines are still cramping from the laxative, so hopefully that will pass soon. Those things are dangerous! It feels like labor contractions, so sharp and intense and painful. And the end result is not nearly as wonderful as a newborn baby. :-P

In any case, I'll soldier on. No quitting or throwing in the towel just cuz times are tough.

Have a good Monday, and take time to breathe. ;-)


  1. Things definitely felt "off" all around today. It was a wierd day. I hope everyone is back to normal tomorrow.