Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday 'Fess Up

I confess:

*I may or may not have caught my 5 year old daughter trying on my bra today. Egads!

*I am loving smoked almonds as a non-wheat, non-sugar snack.

*Josh and I are now watching the show Outsourced and loving it. Hilarious!

*I moved my ticker to reflect my weight as of this morning: 139.4

*I'm excited to see what cutting out wheat and sugar will do for my weight, my physical and my mental health.

*I'm excited for the weekend. We don't have any specific plans, but Josh will be here!

*I had an unexpected "gift" this morning. Charisma (the dog) pooped on the floor. Of the diarrhea variety. Buhscusting, as Owen says.

*My face is incredibly dry. My lips are chapped. I want to plunge my whole head into a vat of Vaseline.

*I can NOT finish my coffee. Ever. Today I was particularly tired so I ordered a 20 ounce Americano with sugar free dark and white chocolate. I drank 1/4 of it and am done. So stupid!

*My boys are boycotting sleep. It's not fun.

*I love the library's service that lets me select books online, and then they gather them from all the regional libraries and have them waiting for me all in one place. That way I can run in, grab all my books in one place and head up to the kid's area. SO NICE.

*Christian is turning 5 (FIVE!) in May and today he told me he wants a snowboard for his birthday. A few weeks ago it was a kayak. The boy loves to be active.

*I am looking forward to summer; we hope to take the kids camping this year! Should be fun. I'm also looking forward to family trips to the beach.

*Rottweilers have cute faces. I always think of Carl when I see them. I want a Carl.

*I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend!

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  1. My girlfriend loves the Carl books and I always wondered what kind of people would leave their kids with a rottweiler as a babysitter? Every time I see them I laugh about that.