Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lord Have Mercy

Sorry for the late post. Busy morning.

I had a horrible night's sleep last night. First, I couldn't fall asleep; I'm not sure why because I didn't have any caffeine later in the day. I just could not fall asleep. Then I kept freaking myself out that someone was hiding in my bathroom. I had drank a lot of water and every time I went to go to the bathroom I'd have mini-heart attacks, seeing intruders in the shadows.

I finally fell asleep sometime after 11 and at 12:30 Kate woke up crying from growing pains. She is forever asking to sleep in bed with me, and since Josh was gone I figured I may as well indulge her. So I gave her some calcium and put her to bed in my bed. The girl is a maniacal sleeper. She talks in her sleep and thrashes around. At one point her head was by my feet and her legs were shoved into her pillowcase.

I remember doing that as a kid. I was on the top bunk and my blankets were forever sliding down onto the ground. I was too tired to wake up to get them, but too cold to go with no covers, so I'd try to squeeze my body into my pillow case. :-D

Anyway, then at 3:30 in the morning the boys were up and yelling. Guess why? Christian's covers had fallen off and he was cold. Apparently he didn't inherit the genius gene to use his pillow case in emergencies. He also wanted a drink. So I got him settled in and then Owen woke up and was pouting and crying because HE wanted to sleep in my bed, but with Miss Maniac Sleeper already in it there was absolutely no extra room for him.

I finally got him settled down and tucked in and went back to bed. Then at 6:30 the boys were up again. And lately they've been waking up baring their teeth and with their claws out. So I'm getting woken up by a savage pack of wolves, basically, fighting and screaming and yelling and crying. And it was just too much. So I started my day off with a good cry.

It got better after that because my mom and 2 sisters came over. I tried my hand at baked doughnuts. They ended up being a little on the dry side, but they look pretty:
I can't wait for Josh to get home. This week has been really, really rough. The kids are all acting out and I haven't been taking good care of myself. Not a good game plan.

I have done much better today. I've consumed over 64oz of water so far, and will get in 100 by the end of the day. I did eat one donut (they are small) and half a scone. I also had 3 egg whites and 2 granola bars. I'm not sure what I'm making for dinner yet, but just cutting back on the baked goods and not eating M&Ms is a step in the right direction.

Tomorrow I leave for the wedding. I'll try to check in before I go, but I've got so much work to do before I leave that I'm not sure if I'll have time. We'll see how it goes.

My kiddos are crying out for attention again, so off I go.

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  1. I may be making some healthy doughnuts this weekend. I've been wanting to for a awhile. The scones sound wonderful!