Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Ugh. I'm frustrated today.  Why is it so, so, so, SO hard to lose weight, but so incredibly easy to gain???

I did really well all day yesterday, until the evening.  It was my own fault because I didn't eat enough earlier in the day, so once the evening rolled around I was pretty hungry.  I didn't go hog wild (no pun intended), not by a long shot.  I ate some more Mike & Ike's, a few pretzels and 1/4 cup of chex mix minus the peanuts.

All I had before that was 1 whole egg, 1 cup soup and an apple. Oh, and two cups of coffee and three glasses of Talking Rain.

And I was up two pounds today. Two pounds!!

I'm not giving up, but my morale took a nosedive, for sure.

I'm going to work on not letting myself get so hungry by the end of the day, as well as going to bed earlier so I'm not tempted to snack on something.

I am really loving this soup:

It has 110 calories and 1 gram of fat in a cup of prepared mix.  I add in some chicken and it's really good and warm, perfect for cold wintery days.  I don't know why it's called Tortilla soup... there aren't any tortillas in it, LOL! It's beans mostly.

Today, I will try again. :)

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