Friday, December 13, 2013


First, a funny:
I got a kick out of that. ;-)

Things are still going well.  I was super duper tempted to cheat last night, to snack mindlessly.  I did eat some Mike & Ike's, but I did not give in to my crackers/summer sausage/cheese cravings.  I consider it a victory. I didn't lose as much today as a result, but I am ok with that.

I was telling Jen today, that I don't really care how much I lose each day; as long as the scale is going down, that's all that matters.  I got the itinerary for our anniversary trip to Mexico, and it is SUCH a motivation.  Picturing myself and Josh in the warm sun, without being self-conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin, is an awesome motivator.  And then everything after that, like our trip to Europe, summertime, etc... will be more fun because I'll already be at my healthy weight again.

Tonight my family is going to enjoy a pizza and popcorn party while we watch Monsters, Inc.  I will be having something else.  I haven't been following the HCG diet as strictly as I have in the past; meaning I'm not only eating chicken and broccoli.  I've added things in, like allowing a couple tablespoons of fat free cheese in my eggs, or having a cup of soup that's low fat/low calorie.  It's working quite well for me.

I also got some fat free half and half that I use in my tea.  It's a good treat for me, and I sip it as I read or watch a show in the evening.

Josh and I get to go on a date tomorrow (with Nora) and I am super excited! It's been a while.  It'll be good just to have a chance to chat and catch up.

Speaking of Nora, she is SUCH a sunshine!

Those are really bad iPhone pictures, but seriously.  She is a gem.  I am so incredibly thankful for her! The kiddos love her, especially Kate, which makes my heart sing.  She has a special quality about her, in that she can tell if someone is hurting or struggling, and she will go up and give them a big hug and snuggle right in to them.  It's very therapeutic, especially during this time with my MIL's health being so bad.  It's nearing the end, and I can't even begin to explain the horrible feeling it is, waiting for the inevitable.  She is going to die.  And it's horrendous; just a very, very sad situation.  So to have Nora being a little ray of sunshine and happiness and baby snuggles is just priceless.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

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