Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easing into food

So getting back to eating isn't going quite as smoothly as I'd hoped.

For one, my digestive tract is in turmoil. For two, I gained a pound in one day. I know this is normal, simply from actually having food in my system, but it doesn't seem like 1 piece of toast with butter and cinnamon, 4 pieces of lunch meat and 6 crackers with cheese should equal a pound.

Anyway, today I'm taking it easy. Dr. Simiean suggests going on an Atkins like diet in the 3 weeks following the HCG drops. So this morning I had egg whites and 3 turkey sausages for a total of 2 carbs. I also ate a veggie burger, which is fairly high in carbs; 7 I think?

I was shopping for our trip this morning and wandered down the snack aisle. I was there for quite some time before I decided not to get anything and just go. WHY would I indulge in potato chips or cookies or nuts when it's not necessary and is sure to cause weight gain? It's not worth it. I'll take my apple instead. ;-)

It's going to be very interesting, these next 3 weeks. I am determined not to gain weight; well, more than the 1-2 they say is normal. What is the point of just having to re-lose them when I start my drops again? There is no point, so I am going to be diligent to make good choices.

I can see already wheat/gluten is going to be a biggie for me. I must get to Costco for some of those Mary's crackers. I also need to research Atkins for some easy snack ideas. Boiled egg, anyone? :-P

I am all packed and ready for our trip, the house is clean, and my children are all slumbering peacefully before we hit the road so I thought I'd come and update a bit before I leave.

Today my weight was 155.2 (yesterday it was 154.4). I am taking my scale with me; if I gain more than 2 pounds in a day (or if I'm up another pound tomorrow, which would be a total of 2 pounds) then I will fast during the day and eat steak for dinner. I plan to bring my calorie free peach tea with me, as that really helps me drink and not feel hungry all day if I do need to fast.

I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm glad you're hanging in there Ruth Anne. You've been on quite the depravation, so I'm sure things are tempting. Stay strong! Why not just drive right on to Canada and come hang out with me????? We can try size 8 clothes on, eat salads, get our nails done and then have a tim tam slam!?! I don't think your regime would handle one of those. You will LOVE Mary's crackers. I'm so into them. They always stay crunchy.