Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holding Steady

After a very weird experience this morning with Google and my email being disabled, which in turn disabled my blogs because they are connected, I was left feeling uneasy.

I finally got it back up and running, and found out it had been disabled due to "suspicious activity" and in order to get it back up and running I had to change my password. This just gives me the heebie jeebies because they said most likely someone was trying to log into my account.

I know the world wide web is just that... world wide. And public. But that is just scary and very unsettling. I am not even really sure what to do; I don't know how to prevent it from happening again (besides changing my password to something much more difficult/harder to crack). On top of that, several people in my address contacts received an email from "me" with a link to Canadian Viagra! Talk about embarrassing!!!!

Anyway, I guess I'll just keep plugging along and if it happens again perhaps shut everything down and start over????

I enjoyed my S'mores last night. I laid a graham cracker on a baking sheet, sprinkled it with milk chocolate chips, and then added little pieces of marshmallow on top. Then I broiled it on low until the marshmallow was toasted and the chips were melted. It was delicious!!!! Even Josh had one and agreed. He tried to convince me to make it in the microwave, but I just thought that might make the graham cracker soft and mushy, which would ruin the whole thing.

I have fasted all day today because I sort of suspect I'll be up another pound tomorrow, which would put me at the 2lb mark. And that 2 pound gain would necessitate a fast. So I am hoping to nip it in the bud and fast today. Crossing my fingers it works. You're supposed to have steak for dinner, and I do have some leftover steak from dinner 2 nights ago, so I'll probably eat that. But I'm also contemplating a repeat performance of the S'mores. ;-)

PPD wise, things are still really rough. I'm hanging in there by the skin of my teeth, counting down the days until I can get help. Which, thankfully, is next week. Mid week I'll be traveling down to be spend time with my friend Jen, and then headed out to the doc. And the sun. I can not wait to see the sun and just relax with a good book. It looks like Josh is going to be able to go with me, which is just the icing on the cake. This will be only the 2nd time in our 6 year marriage we'll be alone together on vacation in a warm place. The first time was our honeymoon.

We've definitely been blessed with mini vacations for the weekend, but never to a place with sunshine that we can lounge in, soaking up the rays and vitamin D. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. And I know my hard working husband needs a break too. So that is a very bright spot on the horizon. And knowing that Dr. Ray has been able to help me SO MUCH in the past helps a whole bunch too.

I'm thinking I'll order more HCG drops so I can begin taking them again when I get back from AZ; it'll be the right time frame, as far as being on maintenance for 3 weeks.

Want to know something crazy spectacular? My sis, who is on Day 2 of the diet... Yeah, she is down EIGHT POUNDS!!!!!! In 2 days!!! I am so so so so happy for her. She deserves it, and I can't wait for her to feel good about the beautiful lady she is.

Not much else going on here. I'll keep you posted as to what the scale says tomorrow. And I'll post a picture on Monday of the number that pops up.

Here's to mental, physical and emotional health! Cheers!

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  1. RA, that is sooo creepy! And, especially creepy because of our recent contact and the Canadian connection to the spam mail. Creepy.

    You could also change your user name, as well as your password. How could anyone even try to break into your account unless they had your username?

    Glad you're holding on and looking forward to more action on the drops and low calorie diet.