Friday, June 18, 2010


Good Morning!

I want to start off by apologizing... I have SERIOUSLY been lacking in responding to comments and also reading/commenting on your blogs. Forgive me.

MaryBeth-My sister is doing the HCG diet (same as me) and she did start at a higher weight. Dr. Ray helps me with my blood and hormones. He checks live blood cells; last time I had heavy metal, undigested fats and sugars in my blood, the red blood cells were squished flat and stuck together and the white blood cells were undersized. He gave me a digestive enzyme and antioxidant to take, and the next time I saw him ALL of those issues were resolved.

He also does hormone therapy. I don't understand how it works, but he runs a scan of your body, reading the electrical energies and can see which hormones are out of balance. Which, for me, is almost all of them. My thyroid included, and many others that I don't even know what they are. Over the past 30+ years he and his business partner have created a treatment plan that brings the hormones all back into balance. It's individualized for each person, because each person's chemical make up is different.

It has helped me tremendously in the past, and I need to go again because over time some hormones stay in balance while others get pulled out again.

I have had many people ask me if they think the diet had anything to do with my relapse, or whatever you want to call it. Honestly, I don't think so but I can't be sure. My life over the last 2 months has been extremely stressful with the move and everything. The diet was stressful in it's own way, but things had already been building up for quite a while.

I am supposed to take the digestive enzyme and antioxidant and I had run out and not ordered more. I was also supposed to be taking the drops charged with my chemical formula and I have been off of that for probably 3 months. I had started taking lots of Vitamin D and that helped a lot. But I couldn't take it on the HCG diet, so it's been 6 weeks of NOTHING. So, in a way, the diet probably didn't help anything.

But I definitely need to go be "re-set". And get more enzymes and antioxidants. I'm planning on doing another round of HCG and actually I ordered the drops today. When I get back from AZ it will be time to start the HCG drops again, and I'm excited about it. I'm ready to get these last 24 pounds off and be done with it. I've been maintaining really well.

I did fast yesterday because I thought I might be up another pound, which would put me at the 2 pound mark. I fasted all day, drank more than 2 liters of water and then ate steak for dinner... following the protocol laid out in my packet. Well guess what? I lost half a pound. ;-P So dumb, but I'm not complaining. It seems like my body should have let go of more, for sure, but I am holding steady at 155.4, which is not a full pound gained. And I did have a S'mores the other night. Not last night, but the night before.

Anyway, I'm ready to start actively losing again, I'm ready to start feeling better. It turns out my husband won't be joining me on this trip. We were trying to make a vacation out of it, but there just wasn't enough time. It would have only ended up being 1 full day together and for over $800 it wasn't worth it. So we're saving his air fare for a real vacation sometime later. I, however, am still VERY much looking forward to sun, sleep, and reading. Ahhhh, BLISS!!!


  1. Enjoy the sun RA. I have never experienced PPD, but I know it's serious. I am so glad that you have a trusted physician, whom has helped you in the past. I'm praying for you!

  2. Hello, my name is Allison, and I have been following you for sometime now. I am very interested in knowing more about the HGC diet. I have a few questions. Could I email you. I did not see an email listed on your blog, but I could have missed it. I would love to find out more. I have about the same amount of weight to lose and the HGC diet was recently recommended to me by my doctor. Thanks!!!


  3. Ruth,

    Hcg diet has helped a lot of my friends too. Best wish for your new journey.