Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finishing what I start

Good Morning!

I lost a pound today, despite eating a handful of popcorn yesterday. Yep, you read that right. I totally ate a handful of homemade popcorn yesterday.

This diet is NOT for people who have an active social life that involves food. In the last week I have taken my food to a friend's house no less than 4 times. It makes me feel like a persnickety, over the top, extreme dieter. I mean, our family is invited for dinner and I show up with my own food in a little baggie? EMBARRASSING!!!!

But I had to. It wasn't like I was on a "normal" diet and could have taken smaller portions of just certain items. I have to eat my weighed, fat free, no oils added chicken and vegetables.

It got to be a little too much, which is why I had a handful of popcorn yesterday. I was so tired of having to tell people I'm on a diet and therefore I can't have such and such.

My grandparents came up to visit us yesterday and we went to Applebee's. And I had to sneak in my chicken and fat free salad dressing. Luckily they offer a salad and steamed veggies combo, so I ordered that and didn't mess with my chicken and dressing. But still. Everyone was all, "Here, have a mozzarella stick!" And they had no idea I wanted to cram every single one of those deliciously cheesy, fried sticks in my mouth. But no. I had to, once again, be the girl on the diet.

I guess I don't like being the girl on the diet. It's so stereotypical. I've never dieted before. Ever. This time in my life (the last 6 months or so) are the first time I've had to actually WORK to lose weight, besides one stint of Weight Watchers I did shortly after Owen was born.

It's hard. I don't like it. But I will finish what I start. Losing that pound today was a BIG help. I was losing my motivation and sliding down the slippery slope to throwing the towel in yesterday. But I have renewed determination today.

The thing is, I still feel hungry. Not "my stomach is eating itself I'm so hungry" levels anymore, but I definitely still have an appetite. I have never lost the urge for food, as some of the people on this diet have experienced. So it's a daily struggle to eat my apple, chicken and broccoli, apple, chicken and asparagus each day. And nothing more. It's a good lesson in self-control, but it has only gotten marginally easier.

Don't get me wrong. The diet has been successful. I'm down 11 pounds in 15 days. I will do at least one more round when my 3 weeks maintenance are up. This will be the method I use to get back to 130 before I start using the gym to tone and get in shape. But it's not all sunshine and roses. I thought I'd be losing a pound a day or every other day, and it hasn't been that way. There have been more days than not that I lose only a few ounces. So the motivation and excitement I expected to carry me through hasn't been there like I thought it would.

I feel good today. I'm wearing jeans that, according to my husband, make my bum look good. I am smaller, I can see it in the mirror. I don't feel a huge difference in my clothes, but there is a slight difference. My size 14's are not going to stay up much longer. Already when I walk they start sliding right off. There's a good 2-3 inch gap between the waist band and my stomach. So that is encouraging and exciting. :0)

Anyway, I have a house to put back together after having guests the last 5 days. It will be a good distraction from food. ;-)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can only imagine it has been very hard bit 11 pounds, I think that is great. Keep it up it will be over sooner than you think.

  2. What a good post! A pound is awesome! popcorn or no popcorn! Good for you~

  3. OK you said I can post it to your public blog:) Here are the 5 questions as promised:

    1. why do you want to loose weight so bad when clearly it's trying so hard to stay on and you are beautiful and your husband keeps saying he loves you no matter your size? (ok if this is too personal skip it OK!)

    2.What's your daily routine like?

    3.what things do you enjoy doing to make your home a cozy place to be?

    4.Where would you live if you could choose to live anywhere in the world and why?

    5.How do you feel about moms who have difficult kids?

    and in case #1 WAS too personal here is an alternate question for ya!

    6.What things do you reccomend to set the "tone" in the home

  4. BTW congrats on the current weightloss...I just read your post:) I bet it feels good to see that scale moving!

  5. Yay for a good looking behind!!!!