Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Evening

Just checking in real quick like here...

Today was better than yesterday. Staying off the computer helps a lot, so I will continue with that. I am scheduled to see Dr. Ray next week, thank the good Lord in heaven.

My diet is going well. I haven't lost the pound I gained, but I haven't gained anymore either. I even had 2 honey butter rolls last night, and still didn't gain another pound so that was fun. Although, I really do need to steer clear of wheat. Tonight, though, I'm totally having a S'mores. I have been craving one for days now, so tonight I'm gonna indulge. I can't wait. =)

I'm definitely excited to get started on my next round of drops. My sister is doing the diet and she lost 4.2 pounds today!!!! Totally motivates me.

I think the next time I do it, I'll try to go as long as I need before I hit my goal weight of 130. It says in the packet you have to do it a minimum of 21 days, but I think you can do up to 40 days if you want. I'm not sure I'd ever last that long, but if I'm close to my goal maybe an extra week would do the trick. We'll see; I have 24ish pounds to lose and if I'm strict and don't do any substitutions perhaps I can see that number in 4 weeks doing the HCG drops.

I may start back up sooner than the 3 weeks maintenance; it all just depends on my mental health and how fast I can get that back in control. That's the key here, and the most important thing right now.

I hope you're all doing well!

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  1. Is your sister doing exactly the same as you? Did she start off at a higher weight? This idea seems very interesting to me. Also, I asked before and I understand if you don't want to tell me, but what does Dr. Ray do for you?