Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stomach Issues

Oopsie, I forgot to post yesterday. I have been really limiting my computer time, because I get sucked in way too easily and then my family suffers. So I've been getting on the net at night, after the kiddos are tucked away in bed. Except last night Josh and I watched some tv together and I forgot.

In the last two days I've lost 2.4 pounds. I have 2.6 to go to get into the 140's, and I'm really hoping I see that by this weekend. =)

The only negative thing right now is something is going on with my stomach. I have such excruciating pain that it makes me nauseous. I was up off and on all night last night from the pain. I've had stomach pain in the past (not on the HCG diet) and the doctors never figured out what it was. I'm sipping some Diet Dr. Pepper right now, hoping the carbonation will help a little. So far, it hasn't. =(

I thought maybe the pain this morning was actual hunger pangs, but it hurts so bad that I get nauseated and don't feel like eating. Oxymoron much? :-P

Other than the stomach issue I'm doing very well. The diet seems much easier this time. Of course, I'm only in my first week, so things could change. But I do feel I have more resolve to stick with the program and I think that will help. Branching out and trying to substitute stuff just makes me want to eat "normal" food and that doesn't help anything.

I even managed to bake 38 banana bread muffins yesterday without caving! And let me tell you, they smelled DIVINE. Just like heaven. I adore the recipe I use for banana bread, and it always turns out wonderful. So to not have even taken a nibble of the crunchy part around the edge is nothing short of an Armageddon victory! :)

I am off to visit a friend this morning, and another one tomorrow. So, yep, I'll be taking my little baggie of food. Luckily, they've both had experience with the diet before either through me or another friend of ours, so they know a little about it. I just feel bad, but they don't seem to care so much. =)

Oh! Dawnie asked what my goal weight is... at this point it is 130. That is what I weighed for years before marriage and babies. In my head, I'd like to try to get down to 125 or even 120, but I will be quite happy with 130. =)

I hope you all are well!

PS Mary Beth- Can you email me at and I'll answer your questions? I can't figure out how to find your email address. :-(


  1. I wonder if you do have allergies!! The docs never did find anything for me either and the stomach pain I went to the natropath where they tested for 100 foods and sure enough....

  2. Amazing results Ruth Anne! I hope that the stomach pains get diagnosed. Maybe you should go on Mystery Diagnosis...I'd watch! :) Your discipline is amazing! The 140's are 2 pounds away???? So jealous, but so happy for you.