Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chugging Along

Hey Y'all =)

I was up 0.2 today (2 ounces) but I'm not worried for two reasons. 1) I *need* to have some waste management action and 2) I accidentally overdid it on the salt yesterday.

I made what could have been a delicious dinner; it was still good, just VERY salty.

This picture does NOT do it justice. ;-)

That's 3.5oz of extra lean ground beef, seasoned with onion, Worcestershire sauce (hey! I spelled that right on the first try, WOOT WOOT!) and too much Montreal Steak Seasoning. And although it looks like fluffy mashed potatoes, it's not. It's cauliflower. I boiled it till it was falling apart, then mashed it up with 5 sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not butter and more salt.

So yeah, too much salt. I fully intend to make this again, just with about 3/4 less salt! :-D

Today has been good. We visited a friend this morning and we took our kids to the marina. The tide had just gone out so they had fun finding crabs under rocks and shells and stuff. Then we walked on the pier where everyone was crabbing and took a gander at the the crab and shrimp that were caught. =) Fun stuff. ;-)

Back to our friend's for lunch, where I was SEVERELY tempted by the homemade tres leches cake with fresh whipped cream and berries she had made. I admit, I had two tiny bites. It was delicious. I told her I'm coming back when I'm not on my diet so I can have a full piece. :-D

This afternoon I baked a gazillion cookies for a tea party my oldest daughter is going to. They were tempting me too, even though they shouldn't have... they were made with Kool Aid for crying out loud! But I am majorly PMSing and want to shove all things sweet, salty and chocolate right down my gullet.

It's much harder to be disciplined and faithful when the scale doesn't move, or moves in the wrong direction. I know it's not my fault; I did everything right yesterday. In fact, I didn't even eat my second apple, so I ate about 100 calories less than usual. But not being down the pound I had hoped really messes with me. Not enough to give up or go overboard, but enough to take 2 small bites of tres leches cake.

My stomach pains come and go throughout the day. I've had this pain before, but never for this long. Usually it only lasted 24 hours and this is going on Day 3. I wake up at night because of the pain; last night it was shooting into my ribs and between my shoulder blades, as well as in my stomach. Very strange. Tereza mentioned maybe it's food allergies, but I haven't been eating wheat, dairy, eggs or nuts. ??? If I'm allergic to something it's either chicken, beef, broccoli, cauliflower or celery. Oh, or apples. Because that's what I've eaten the last 6 days. ;-)

I have another playdate for the kiddos tomorrow and then I will be busy packing, packing and more packing for another week back home. So I'll be off and on with my posting, but once we get settled in on Saturday I'll try to keep you updated regularly. :-)


  1. A few notes... and don't take these bad... you *need* to eat enough calories to be able to lose weight. I firmly believe your body will hang on for dear life if it thinks it is starving... so by not eating all of your food yesterday, I feel you're doing yourself a disservice.

    And... please go have your stomach pain checked out. I had this through both pregnancies and it ended up being my gall bladder. It would come and go and come and go until one night I ended up in the ER. So, you never know what it might be...


  2. oh yes it could be the gall bladder...I have a gall stone (diagnosed) but it only hurts me bad when I eat the no no foods. For most people though (depending on the stone size and infection) the pain is always yes...go get it checked!!!

  3. Hey,
    I didn't even think about the gall bladder. But yeah, gallstone pain totally comes and goes and gall stones can be created by/during rapid weight loss. .That's what I read and that's when I started having problems, right after I lost tons of weight really fast on the master cleanse.
    I say go get checked to be sure it's not gallstones. :) I remember it hurts like crazy and no way I could sleep. . I could barely felt like!
    Good luck.