Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oops, I messed up a bit

Good Morning!

I was down 0.2 this morning, but I'm not surprised that it was so little. I had a little oopsie moment yesterday. I didn't cheat! Well, not on purpose.

Allison at sent me a link a while back to an HCG recipe website. I forwarded it to my mom and sister, who are both doing HCG with me. My mom immediately started trying the recipes and was raving about the Chicken, Strawberry, Spinach salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette. She told me to try it, and I finally did, yesterday.

It was SOOOO good! I ended up eating it twice; and then I realized that in doing so I went over my fruit allotment for the day, because I had also eaten an apple. I also doubled my meat both meals, since that really seemed to make a difference with my fatigue/weakness/dizziness. I also had a very poor day concerning water intake. So, I'm just thankful I lost at all.

I'm doing an apple day today. I enjoy the apples and it's not hard for me, so I may as well. Tomorrow when I eat normally again, I think I will go back to eating 3.5oz chicken and 3.5oz vegetable with 2 fruit options. If I start to feel dizzy, I will just eat a portion of fried egg whites.

Other than that, all is well. I had a significant victory this morning. I was talking to my husband, making plans for tonight. After our conversation, I realized that I was excited about tonight (we don't even have big plans... we'll probably just watch a movie at home or play a game) BUT for the first time ever my excitement didn't revolve around the snacks we would eat. The food didn't even come to mind! I was just excited to spend some time with my hubby.

So, I'm making progress! Life isn't about food. Having a fun time doesn't have to mean there is food involved. Hooray!

In other news, today is my niece's 1st birthday! Happy Birthday, Savannah Grace!!!!!! I can't believe I'm not there to celebrate with her. =( I'll make up for it when I go down in August.

In other, other news Josh and I booked a vacation for later in August!!! This will be our first out of state vacation to a warm place since our honeymoon, 6.5 years ago. I am SO SO excited. We wanted to go to Mexico, but Josh doesn't have that much time off. Well, he totally has 2 weeks of vacation, but he is so busy that it would be shooting himself in the foot to take it right now. So we're going for 4 days to Indio, CA. We have a timeshare there and have heard good things about it.

So on that happy note, I'll bid you adieu for today. =0)

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  1. That's great that you have people doing this diet with you. I'm sure it helps keep you focused. How many days until your on maintenance again? Your vacation plans sound lovely!