Friday, July 2, 2010

Super Good Input

Oh, dear blogger friends, I do love you so!

Erin, Tereza, Jen... thanks for the input on gall stones. I will totally research it and get it checked out. (Erin, no need to apologize for your comments/thoughts/input!! I know you love me, so I don't take it the wrong way.) :)

So, maybe I have gall stones!? I will see if I can get in to a doctor soon. I have to find one and pick one, but maybe after we get back from our vacation next week.

I'm feeling better; the pains are getting less frequent and less intense, thank you Lord!

I was down 6oz today. Meh, I would've liked to have been down more, but I did eat 2 bites of cake yesterday. :-0 I am currently sitting at 151.8, so so close to the 140's but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes me until Monday to actually see them. Maybe even longer, as I seem to lose only a few ounces a day on this diet. BUT the scale continues to go down, so I'll stick with it.

I'm also noticing that my clothes are fitting better/differently. The size 11/12 pants I just bought now slide down and I can pull them off without unbuttoning them. =)

I decided to throw out some pictures today, just for fun. Not of me. Okay, one of me. My little SIL took this one and I didn't know it was on my phone until I was scrolling through my pictures last night. ;-) Apparently there is a "postcard" option on my phone, so she made me into a postcard.

This is what my family had for dinner last night:
Crepes with strawberries and whipped cream, as well as turkey sausages. They smelled SOOOO delicious and I wanted one so super bad. I made them and was frying crepes til kingdom come, it felt like, all the while drooling over them. ;-)

BUT, I resisted and ate this for dinner:
A less salty version of the same thing I had last night. Except, this time it was very bland so I added some mustard to my hamburger. It didn't taste nearly as delicious as I imagine the crepes did. ;-)

While on my maintenance phase, I indulged in these delicious lovelies:

S'mores and Challah bread. I ate the Challah with butter, then sliced it up and made french toast out of it the next day. It was SOOOOO good!!!! I can't wait to make it again. =)

Today I'm packing up for the trip. I've been talking about it, but today I'm actually really doing it. ;-) I have been a baking fool the last few days so we'll have goodies and snacks for our trip. Yesterday alone I baked cookies for 3 loooooong hours. I also made a cereal mix, a spin off of Chex Mix. Ah well, here's a picture for your viewing pleasure:
It has corn chex, honey nut cheerios, fruit loops, honey roasted peanuts and craisins (cherry and regular) all mixed up with a dressing of butter, brown sugar and orange juice concentrate. It too, smells divine.

I've also made banana muffins. Have I already said all this? I feel like I've taken leave of my senses and all I talk about is food. ;-)

Anway, time for me to get back to my work. I'll try to check in tomorrow night, if not it'll be sometime on Sunday.



  1. I loved the pictures Ruth Anne! You are so close to those 140's...149 is my goal, so I will be super excited when you reach that. Have fun getting ready for your trip!

  2. you're quite the little miss suzie homemaker lately huh?:)

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