Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rotisserie Chicken

Howdy, Folks!

I lost .6 today. Only 3 days (including today) left of drops, but I'm not sure if I have enough drops for all 3 days. I'm sort of hoping I run out a day early. ;-)

I'm picking up a rotisserie chicken today; I can't believe I didn't think of it before. It probably has a tad more fat than a baked chicken, but at this point I don't care. I simply can't choke down one more bit of baked chicken. It's starting to taste really "gamey". Bleh. I'm also out of low fat hamburger, but don't want to buy more since I'm almost done.

Today I'm wearing a vest that had previously "fit".... like a sausage casing! Today it zipped up with ease and there is even room to spare!! I am sooo excited about this. I'm also wearing my pre-children jeans... and they are starting to fall off, straight from the dryer! Not bad enough that I need to change, but still sliding down. Guess I'll have to hit up Maurice's for some new jeans! YAY!!!

Last night was incredibly difficult. I spent all day cleaning and working, and then once the kids were in bed and I was settled in with my book (again with the non-stop mention of cheese danish!) I was craving the Sour Cream and Cheddar chips, the Norwegian milk chocolate bar and the Cinnamon Crisp cookies in my pantry. Dear goodness me, the cravings were SO strong! PMS much!? LOL :-) It was all I could do not to run out and grab my goodies, jump back in bed and munch and read to my heart's delight.

But, I didn't do it. I can tell my self-control is wearing very thin, however. I'm hoping that once i start maintenance and can eat solid, yummy food again that I won't feel as hungry and tempted to junk food. I do remember the last few days being the absolute hardest before, so this isn't new.

My sister and my mom just finished their rounds of HCG and both lost around 18 pounds. Not too shabby for 21 days! 19 if you don't count the binge days. My sister has lost a total of 25 pounds; she started HCG but ended up getting really sick and had to stop. She took a few weeks off and started again, and completed the whole second cycle with no problems.

KUDOS to you both, Mom and Liz!!!

Anyway, I'm off to get my chicken and take lunch to my hubs. Since he commutes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each way (depending on traffic) it will take up a good chunk of the day, which is just what the kiddos and I need. To get out of the house and see our favorite guy. He's been gone a lot recently and it's wearing on all of us. So, we're off to treat ourselves to a mid-day Daddy visit!


  1. Ruth, do you think you could have done this just on the restricted diet and not the drops? I am just wondering what they did for you. I would never have been able to eat the little bit of food that you did on this diet.

  2. I like to buy a cooked chicken every once in a while too. Once it cools, you can scrape all of fat off. I bet you're looking forward to the end of this session. Seriously, those are some results you all have got from this diet. Amazing.

  3. Congrats on the loose jeans!! It must feel so good to have such a tangible reward for all your hard work :-)

    If you have time, it's very easy to cook a whole chicken in the oven, with less fat. I like to use lemon and sea salt to flavor mine...delicious!

  4. Ruth Anne,

    I, too, am doing the rotisserie chicken. If I had to have one more bite of shrimp, chicken in a can, fish, or baked chicken, I was going to harm someone physically. This is my second time doing the Hcg diet. The first time I lost 30 pounds, this time I've lost 15 so far. I'm in week 2 of 500 cal diet and I'll probably go until my Hcg runs out...6 weeks I think. Congrats to you! I had so many negative nelly's tell me that this was stupid. Well I'm 40ish pounds lighter and it took me 1 year to lost 10 pounds with diet and exercise. Keep going! :)