Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Pound, that is. ;-)

It's very interesting; this time around I feel like I'm losing more weight each day, but I also am much, much, much more fatigued and just generally drained/tired. By the end of the day I am a limp noodle and if I haven't started dinner earlier, we usually end up eating something really easy. Last night we had hamburgers, but I had patties in the freezer so it wasn't a big undertaking. The night before I made meatballs in the crockpot and then made some noodles to go with it.

It's not as hard to eat my food this time, as opposed to what my family is having; I'm not angry at dinner time. ;-) I'm just annoyed that I can't eat what I want, but I'm not dying of hunger.

I'm excited to see the scale moving down, but won't lie... I'll be glad when this is over and I can eat normally again. Luckily my body really seems to have maintaining down to a science, so if I just don't eat too many carbs/bread/starches I don't gain copious amounts of weight.

I'm reading some mystery books right now that are set in the South, and in them there is SO MUCH talk of food. Coffee and Cheese Danishes to be exact; goodness gracious does that make my mouth water!! When you're on a restricted diet, there is food to be found EVERYWHERE. TV shows, books, even the grocery fliers that come in the mail!

Well, I need to go and start my day. The kids are clamoring for bubbles and water paint so I'd best get them set up before they take matters into their own hands. :-D


  1. Awesome loss!! I had a little set back at the beach but I'm getting back on track. Ugh. I'll email soon with an update and ill be updating my blog as well.

  2. I think you need to change the name of your blog again. The Skinny Cougar! You are no turtle!!!!!