Tuesday, July 27, 2010

30 pounds gone!

WOOT! Today marks 30 pounds gone from my highest weight. (Ok, I may be 4 ounces shy, but I didn't have a scale that read in increment of .2 when I began, so I don't know exactly what I started at. I just know it was below 173.6) I started this blog when I was doing calorie counting/exercise and had lost 7 pounds on my own. Then I stalled forever until I began doing HCG. Today I am 30 pounds lighter!!!!

Here is what I looked like at the beginning of the HCG diet. Excuse the photo; my daughter took it, I wasn't ready, but none of the other ones turned out. ;-)

This is me yesterday. Again, sorry for the small/dumb picture. Since I broke my camera we were using my cell phone. "We" being my 5 year old daughter. ;-)

Those are my size 10 capris that I miraculously fit into. It's very strange for me to wrap my brain around. I went clothes shopping over the weekend and I was pulling sizes 10-14 off the rack to try on. The 14's were definitely too big. I fit mostly 10/12's. Insane. But a good insane!

I have 4 days left of drops. I can't wait to be done, although today I have kept myself very busy with cleaning... and I mean DEEP CLEANING... my house. It has been interesting to note that I haven't been nearly as hungry or tempted to eat as when I sit around and read or surf the web, etc... So I plan to keep myself busy these last 4 days.

If I can get down to 142 by Friday I will have lost 10 pounds this round and I will be very pleased with that. Even if I don't, I'm not disappointed with my results. The only dumb thing is that I am definitely going to have to do another round. I had hoped to be in the 130's and get the rest off with Atkins. I plan to do Atkins once I finish the drops, as that is what Dr. Simeon (the man who "created" the HCG diet) recommends.

Atkins works well for me because I LOVE meat and cheese. And I can drink all the sugar free zebra (white and milk chocolate) americanos with cream I want! ;-)

Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. Huge results! Congrats on your hard work paying off!

  2. You are looking awesome girlfriend! Congrats on losing 30 pounds!!

  3. Great results and you deserve them for sticking to 500 calories a day! I love your pink blouse too. Tell your daughter that Dawnie says she did a good job with the camera! Size 10, isn't it divine? I love it!!!!!!!!

  4. You look great and very happy!

  5. Im with marybeth.


  6. Boy you can really see the reshaping that comes with the HCG diet!! Looking fabulous! and give that big girl a hug and kiss from Grandma for being so willing to help out.