Monday, July 5, 2010


Hi Folks!
Phew, I have so much to fill you guys in on. So let's get started!

1) Helmets are NEVER supposed to be worn in cars, especially on toddlers in safety seats. We had a scary episode where my 2 year old wanted to wear his new helmet for the ride down. I thought it was fine... until he choked and threw up everywhere. He fell asleep, his head fell forward, and the chin strap choked him. I didn't even care about the puke everywhere, because all I could think about was "what if he silently suffocated/was strangled and we didn't know it!". It was horrible and we'll never make that mistake again.

2) It was sheer insanity to think I could survive on 500 calories while I'm a single parent this week and the kids are busy swimming, riding bikes, running everywhere, etc... So I'm doing Atkins maintenance this week and will resume my HCG drops when I get back home.

3) Yesterday I weighed 150.4!!!!!

4) Today I weighed 153.0!!! :-P

5) I got mixed up yesterday and in my head I was doing Atkins, so I was doing high fat meat and cheese, etc... But at the same time I indulged in a piece of delicious cheesecake/almond/torte/fresh berries and 2 Norwegian pastries AND a blended coffee drink. So no wonder I gained 3 pounds. ;-)

6) Today I'm back on Atkins, and trying to really limit how much I eat in an effort to hopefully lose 2 of the gained pounds by tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I'm not super stressed about it because I do need to erm... use the bathroom and also I know it will come off if I am conscious of what I eat from here on out. I also am really dehydrated and need to drink much more water.

7) I've been reading my scale wrong. For example, if I went from 151.8 to 151.4, I thought that was a loss of 4 ounces. Turns out I can't do math. ;-) The way my scale works, each "0.2" equals a little more than 3oz. So when I thought I lost 4 ounces, I really lost closer to 7. :-D

8) I'll be checking in and posting but it will be fairly sporadic. We're having a lovely time, but my internet reception and time to be on the computer are both much more limited than I thought.

9) I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!

10) I'll catch you on the flip side. ;-)


  1. That's so scary! Something as innocent as wearing a helmet...

  2. Ruth Anne... WOW, that is scary, and I'm so glad to hear Owen is okay!

    Of course, this freaked me out from the perspective that I was fullly intending to buy helmets this week for the girls to ride in the bike trailer... ACK. I would expect them to fall asleep in there... so that worries me.

    The only thing I could find online about this sort of incident was:

    "When selecting a helmet, it is more important that the helmet meets a recognized standard (i.e. ASTM) and fits properly, than who makes the helmet. The helmet should sit so that it covers the forehead, not worn like a yarmulke or skullcap. For helmets worn in a trailer and child seats, the helmet should be rounded in back -- not flared."

    Did you have his helmet fitted by a professional? Is it flaired in the back? I plan on talking to our bike shop owner about this incident (I was already planning on taking the kids there to have their helmets purchased/fitted).