Monday, July 5, 2010

Wednesday Update

Hello All,
Thanks for your concerns regarding my son. It was very frightening and I'm just glad we didn't have a true tragedy on our hands.

Erin-The helmet wasn't fitted professionally, but it is a round helmet; not spiked in the back. Let me know what the bike specialist people say about helmets on the kiddos in the bike trailers.

I lost 2 pounds on Tuesday, and then 3oz today--I'm currently sitting at 151.4. So I'm still about a pound away from my lowest weight, but I am very happy with that. I haven't been trying very hard at all, so I'll take each and every ounce that I go down.

It's been a bit rough being a single mom this week. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, since I'm the primary caregiver at home and at our church vacation center there is SO MUCH for the kids to do. But everything just takes a lot more work when you aren't in your own home/kitchen, etc...

And it does take a LOT of energy to do so much with 3 small children. Just getting them ready for swimming takes a full on battalion of lotions, potions and equipment. And then I have to reapply the sunscreen every hour because they are little fish and are in the water non stop. Then it's showers (I bathe them after each swim session since they are already wet and need to wash the chemicals off) getting dressed again, hair done, etc.. It all just adds up in the energy department.

Last night I broke down and ate 2 banana bread muffins, so I was actually quite surprised to see a loss today, albeit a small one. But considering I'm not taking the HCG drops and not eating 500 calories, I'm just thankful not to be gaining.

Not much else to report; I'll be back when I have time and internet access. =)

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