Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving and Grooving

WHEW! The apple day worked and I'm down a pound. =)

It's interesting; in my head I don't think I've realized that I'm really in the 140's. Every time I go to update my weight ticker, I type 154 instead of 145 or whatever. It's a good reminder.

I ate 5 apples yesterday and felt good. I am contemplating doing an apple day once or twice more during these last 10 days of drops. Sometimes it's nice to just have crisp, refreshing apples all day.

Not much else to report, really. Busy with my sister-in-law and kiddos, housework, errands, the usual stuff.

Oh!! Funny story. Yesterday after I changed out of my shorts, I pulled on some capris. They fit nicely, but felt a tiny bit more snug than I remembered, so I asked Kate (my 5 year old) to look at the tag and tell me what numbers were on them. She said, "There's a 1 and a 0". WHAT!?!?! I was wearing size 10 capris!!! And they fit! By the end of the day they had stretched out and were sliding down my bum. Not anywhere close to falling off, but definitely not tight. I wore them comfortably all day long. YAY!!!!

I need to buy some new jeans. The 11/12's I just bought are definitely too big. When I button/zip them there is a good 2 inches between the band and my stomach. They fall down a lot, which is annoying. ;-)

Well, I'm off to start my day. I got some good sleep last night and it is amazing how much better I feel today. Like a different person, really. :-)


  1. I love it when the pants don't fit or are a little loose! Congrats girly you're doing great!

  2. You are getting the results you want! Whoo hoo! It must feel great.