Friday, July 16, 2010

Update from Beth

Here is the reply I got from Beth, regarding my weakness and fatigue:

"Nice to hear from you. Wish you would have contacted me sooner so I could help you through this :)
You need more protein! Especially if you are on the go with 3 little children :) And all the swimming, etc.
No wonder why you felt "weak". You could have even added in a "low carb" protein drink and that would
have made all the difference for you.
It doesn't hurt to "stop" the diet............especially if this is your second time around. The reason you
wouldn't is that you need to get the 20 days in to "balance" that hypothalamus. That has already been
done first time. So you did OK.
Blessings, Beth"

So my plan for now is to add in more protein. I plan to double it for each meal and see how I feel. I'll check into the protein drink and maybe replace that for one of my meals. If this dizziness doesn't go away, I'm going back to maintenance. It is literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I stand up that I have to grip on to furniture, the counter, anything to keep from keeling right over.

So I'll keep an eye on the scale and my weakness and go from there. For now, I'm basking in the luxury of eating 7 whole ounces of meat at each meal. ;-)

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