Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning; I was down to 154.8! So I'm back at my ending weight, just in time to start the HCG drops again on Saturday. I got them in the mail yesterday and I'm super excited to start them again.

Someone asked about an email address... I just created one for this blog: theskinnyturtle@gmail.com. If you send me an email to that address, just leave me a note saying you did. I may not remember since it's a new account and my brain isn't all that great these days. ;-)

Tammy gave me 5 more "interview" questions... so here you are!

1. What is one (or more) of your favorite movies?
You know, I'm really not into movies. I'm more into books. ;-) But my old stand by classics include: Twelfth Night (with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson), French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. Um, yes. I'm totally into chick flicks. :-D

2. Tell me about your house/apartment. Do you rent, own, what? Do you have a "dream home" or even just a "next home" in mind for when it's time to move on? :)
We currently own a house in one state and rent in another. We had just purchased our first home after 5 years of apartment living, and then 7 months into being a homeowner Josh was transferred for his job. :-P I don't have a dream home in mind, necessarily, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if our next house has a sunroom and a front porch big enough for sitting out on and sipping tea or coffee.

3. What is your biggest struggle as a mom right now?
Being a "hands on" mom, as far as little projects and crafts go. I'm SOOO not that way, by nature. I don't enjoy crafts, am not artistic and it's a real stretch for me to do things like that with my kiddos. Also, learning to deal with my oldest daughter's attitude and working with it in a good way. I just never expected a 5 year old to have so much "spirit"!!

4. When you need a moment of quiet, what is a good toy or activity that entertains your kids at their ages right now? Or do you have to get a babysitter to have a moment of quiet? :)
Coloring and movies. My kids will color or draw for quite a while; also, they LOVE stamps but that is a lot messier and has the potential to be disastrous if they start stamping walls, furniture, etc... We have Netflix so the older two will often times watch something on the computer during their quiet time. They also LOVE play-doh, but we have carpet in our dining room, so we don't get it out that often.

5. Speaking of babysitters, do you ever get them, and if so, what do you do during? A date? Or something else? :)
Before we moved we lived within 15 minutes of both of our families and had LOTS of girls from our church who were willing to babysit. Now, it's much harder since we have no family near by and moved to a much smaller sister church. If we are so lucky to get a sitter, we always go on a date. My husband loves the movies, so we will go see something in the theater if there is something good showing (even though I hate spending money on movies!) or else we will go out to eat, go shopping, whatever. It's just nice to spend time together without the littles needing something every 5 minutes. =)

Well, folks, I'm off to sunny Arizona. Well, first I'm going home to drop my kiddos off with my MIL and visit my SIL but THEN I'll head on out. I'm taking my scale with me. It's packed in my suitcase as I speak. I hope I don't get any grief from the airlines about it. I took the battery out and put it in a baggie, which is what I read to do on the TSA website.

I'm not taking my laptop, so it will be quiet around here for a few days. I'll be back on Monday for a weigh in and recap, though!

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  1. Hi RA - I don't get a chance to read your blog every day, but when I do, it's really enjoyable. :) And its fun to feel sort of connected to you since you moved. :( I totally agree with your choice of favorite movies... but I think the Shakespear with Emma and Kenneth was Much Ado About Nothing...? Whatever, they're both good movies. :) But, you seriously need to watch some more recent movies, girl!! ;-) Have a fantastic time in Arizona!!! Soak up some sun and drink a vodka and cranberry with a splash of sprite and twist of lime for me. ;-) Love ya.