Monday, November 1, 2010

Chocolate and Coffee, Packing and Purging

Hello All,
Wow, it was weird to be without computer access for a week. I didn't realize how much I am actually on a computer normally!

Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes for my MIL. She is doing well and is at home now. She will be starting radiation and chemo in the next few weeks. Although they got approximately 95% of the tumor, it did not change her prognosis. From what we understand she has around 5-6 years of life left. And we are so incredibly thankful for the time we have left with her. I personally continue to pray for a miracle, that God will heal her completely, but at the same time I don't know what His will is. In any case, we have her with us now and we will cherish these times.

I have been subsisting on chocolate and coffee. Anytime I try to eat a "real" meal I end up getting sick and throwing up. My stomach is constantly uneasy and upset. Pretty much the only thing that usually stays down is chocolate, and probably because I eat small bits at a time. Now that I'm back home I'm trying to eat almonds, meat and cheese, and other small snacks/meals. I'm hoping that will stay down. The combination of coffee and chocolate with no real food on a body under stress is not pretty.

In other news, we are moving back home. I think I'm still in shock a little. We had planned to be here for 3 years, maybe for the long haul after that. But with Josh's mom being sick, we just felt we needed to be closer. And God worked things out perfectly so that his boss is actually quite excited to have him back in the other office. Things have gone downhill fast without my handsome man there. It's so amazing to see how God plans things and works things. And now we get to move home and be close to our family during this time.

Things change so quickly. One minute you think you're going to be living 4+hours from your friends and family, but everything is right with the world. The next moment you are moving home to your beloved house and close to friends and family but someone very dear to you is dying. It has taught me more than ever to just take one day at a time. Live one day at a time, and live that day to the fullest.

I'm not talking about skydiving and doing your "bucket list" every day. I'm talking about making sure I hug my kids and tell them I love them. Letting Josh know that I appreciate his support and help more than he can fathom, not getting irritated when my kiddos do the crazy things that kids do. Making sure that my life is lived in such a way that I am a blessing to the ones I'm around.

Although we are sad to be leaving our friends here, friends we were just getting to know better, we are excited to move back into our little house. There will be much purging of "stuff". Our house that we've rented is about 500 square feet larger than our house back home, so we get to purge and get rid of lots of things we don't need. I love doing this; it feels so good to get rid of all that junk and clutter.

So that's what I'll be doing. Praying for my MIL. Eating small meals. And chocolate. What can I say, it really is helping me these days, as long as I eat it in moderation. Packing. Purging. Working to make each day count.


  1. Ruth Anne,
    I am so glad to read this update. I knew that Kris had come out of the surgery well, but it was good hear how everyone is coping.

    I can't believe the change in your life again. I'm glad you see the positive and I"m glad you're close to family during this time.

    I think you're right to eat in moderation and focus on much bigger things than calories and calories out. You're not bingeing - you couldn't anyways with your stomach issues, so trust that you've changed.

    Sweet Ruth Anne - my prayers always. xxxx

  2. RA, I'm glad and sad for all that is going on with your family... but, I think you have such a great outlook on it... keep heart, dear friend.

    love ya!

  3. Oh, I am so glad to hear you are getting to move back home and be closer to family. That will be precious time for your family to spend with your MIL. Your family continues to be in my prayers... it all hits so close to home for me.