Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shutterfly Promo and My Sister's Blog

So, you may or may not have seen this around blogland, but Shutterfly is doing a promotion for bloggers!! I've never ordered Christmas photo cards before, but now that we're all set with our professional pics, I think I'm ready to give it a go! And Shutterfly is making that easier than ever by offering 50 free prints!

Check out the deets here!!

Also, my sister has started her own blog, and she is pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself! Check it out here, and be prepared to read the whole thing with a goofy grin on your face, and maybe a tear in your eye here and there. Talented. Smart. Witty. Compassionate. Amazing.

Love you, Liz!!!!

Joyous In Hope

Go to the beginning and read from there. It'll make more sense, that way. She has a tale to tell; Jerry Springer ain't got nothing on her. And don't be shy to leave a comment if you enjoy her wonderful writing style!

Back to our regularly programmed schedule tomorrow. :-D

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