Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No more hawking wares

Hi Guys,
Sorry about the Shutterfly posts... I mean, if you're a blogger and want free cards, well then, you're welcome for the info. Otherwise sorry to the other readers.

Back to life, back to reality.... Name that band!

Anyhoo, I have something quite interesting to report. When I wear my glasses... NO HEADACHES. NO BLURRY VISION. Is that weird, or what!? My glasses and contacts are the same prescription.

I wore my glasses for 2 days and had not one single headache, nor did my vision get blurry. Yesterday I wore my contacts and I had a headache most of the day. It didn't affect my vision, but by the end of the day my eyes were burning and stinging and watering. Like I'd been chopping onions in a smoke filled room. Very strange!

I use disposable contact and this pair is new and not expired by any means. But to play it safe I've been wearing my glasses (which Joshie boy loves) ;-). The only problem... I really don't know if heads can lose weight but SOMETHING has happened. My glasses are too big and constantly slide down my nose. Now, I do have a pin head. I admit it. I could probably have fit into child size glasses. But the kiddie frames weren't quite sophisticated enough for me.

I'm thinking about buying a new pair of glasses, but can't remember what size frame I need. Maybe I'll call and find out. I never thought I'd give up contact for glasses, but if that takes away my headaches, I'll do it for sure.

In other news, the doctor's office called and left a message for me yesterday. But they wouldn't say what it was regarding, just to call back. I called them back this morning and the receptionist said I needed to talk to the doc but she was in with a patient. So I'm waiting for her to call back with all kinds of things running through my head. It's not usually a good sign, right? I mean before I've always just received a letter in the mail saying my PAP smear and everything else turned out normal. Hmmmmm.

I'll report back once I know why she's calling. Maybe she's calling to apologize for being so inept. HA. ;-P

**EDITED TO ADD** She was calling back to say everything was normal. Hmmm. Guess maybe they are trying to save trees and not mail out the results. Ah well, all's well that ends well!

Hope you're having a good day!

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  1. Just an FYI... even if they are the same prescription, YES, your contacts and glasses can be different in how they affect you... your response about the contacts causing headaches, nausea, etc., doesn't surprise me at all... sorry I didn't think of it. I actually have two different scripts for my glasses & my contacts... I had this problem a few years back and pretty much you have to tell the eye doc your problem and they do a bit more comprehensive eye & contact exam... totally fixed me up. I would really suggest going in for an eye doc appointment and having new glasses fit to your head... having the focal point of the lenses being off can also cause similar problems so buying generic glasses online or something could cause you problems as well... anyway... love ya!