Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For Liss

I just watched Eat, Pray, Love (so disappointing; the book is far and away MUCH better) but I can still hear Ketut saying "Liss" instead of Liz. And my sister's name is Liz. So this is for you, Liss!!

First of all, answers to questions:

1. Are you going to get tested for celiac disease?
Yes, hopefully when I get back home and establish care with a competent doctor.

2. How often do you throw up each week? (just curious if it's as bad as it used to be)
It varies. Some weeks I throw up 3-4 times and other weeks not at all. It depends on stress and what I eat.

3. Did you know Debbie Sanchez is coming to my house tonight to talk about Pre-paid legal?
I know it now! (Since you asked this, like, eons ago).

4. What is your favorite thing to do during the day?
Read blogs or books. But once I get home and am in close proximity to my friends, that will expand to include visits and coffee dates.

5. What is your BIGGEST pet peeve?
Josh not putting on his seatbelt as soon as he gets in the car. He waits until he is actually driving to put it on. GRRRRRRR.

Okay, thanks Mary Beth, Amy, Dawne, and Steve for the comments!!

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm not giving up. The whole PREMISE of this blog is "Slow and Steady". So I'm going to honor that and just keep plugging along, even though it feels like I can't finish ANYTHING I start. Not even a cup of coffee. Seriously, that's how spastic I am. I rarely even finish my coffee, so it doesn't matter that I use 1/4 c of creamer in it. Seriously, I do. Sorry if that made you gag.

I see Dr. Ray this Friday and I am hoping and praying that he is able to give me some more long-term answers and help. I just need something to stick. I do plan to be serious about my weight loss and learning to live a healthy lifestyle in general. I didn't manage to drink much water yesterday. Um, it was only 2 small glasses right before bed. Oops.

I need like a huge white board with all the things I need to do, so I can check them off:


Maybe once we're back in our house I can come up with something.

Today I need to keep packing. I had 1 crepe for breakfast and I'm working on a cup of coffee. It's 11:30 and I'll try to have a salad for lunch. Bleh. I really hate making salads. Jen made a very good, valid point; if the salads were easier to make, I'd eat them more. So I need to take some time and prep a bunch of the stuff so I can throw it all together, instead of having to wash and chop everything every time.

Has anyone used Debbie Meyer's Green Bags?
Or something similar? I'm thinking if I get the baby spinach from Costco and these bags help keep it from going slimy and bad that it would help tremendously. Also if I have the other stuff all chopped and prepped.

I really don't want this weight to keep creeping back on. Those were the perfect descriptive words, Dawne. They are just creeping... slowly but surely piling back on. And it must be stopped.

I really hope to figure out a plan that I can stick to, something that works consistently, once we're settled in back at home.

Well, I'm off to pack. Seriously. It's not gonna magically happen, unfortunately. :-P


  1. Hey there friend,

    Thanks for blogging. When I'm home sick in bed it totally entertains me to read my friends' blogs. I should really start logging in at work and staying caught up with these important things!! Who needs to get work done anyway? ;-)

    So looking forward to you moving home and me having Friday's off to come visit you!!


  2. Hi gorgeous Ruth Anne,
    I wanted to tell you that I sent some spit samples away to your country today (nice!) for hormone testing! My Naturopath thinks my hormones are out of whack and once they are stabilized, the rest of my weight should drop. I doubt it will be that easy, but I loved the hope he gave me!

    How's the packing coming?