Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bird

I wrote the following on Dawne's blog the other day, and when I finished, I thought "Hey! I should use that on my own blog!" So I am. =)

The other day I was doing dishes, staring out my kitchen window. It was a really windy and blustery day. As I watched, I saw a bird flying into the wind. She was frantically flapping her wings as fast and hard as she could. But she wasn't going anywhere; she just stayed right where she was, even though her wings were going so fast they were just a blur.

And then she must have gotten tired, because she stopped flapping and tried to soar. And in an instant the wind blew her backwards and she went tumbling head over heels.

And then it occurred to me.

Just because I'm struggling, trying with all my might and not making forward progress- that is actually beneficial and useful because at least I'm not going backwards!!!!

It was such an "AHA!" moment for me. It didn't look like all the work she was doing was doing that poor bird any good. But the moment she stopped things got much, much worse. So I'm gonna take a page from that bird's book and not give up. Persevere. Endure. Even though it feels like I'm failing and struggling, and flailing.

I won't give up.

Also, Dawne- I didn't actually buy the Tim Tams. I'm sad they are a knock off. =( But if I see them again I'll buy them and try to do a Tim Tam Slam. And I'll report back. =)

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