Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girl Talk

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the lack of posts. I've found that when I stay off the computer I'm a much better mother, get my housework done and am just more productive in general. So I haven't been on the computer the last 2 days. Also, I've just been really busy! :-P

**Warning!! To all male readers, this post contains references to female anatomy/issues. Consider yourself warned.***

Yesterday I went to see the specialist for my bladder. I was there for 3 hours!! I spent 45 minutes with the nurse going over my medical history, waited for the doc for 45 minutes and then she was with me for 1.5 hours.

She was very thorough and I actually liked her a lot, despite having to wait so long. She knows her stuff and I feel comfortable in her care.

I have a Grade 1 cystocele, which is the most mild form of prolapsed bladder. She referred me to physical therapy and also recommends surgery, as it will only get worse with time. It's a simple surgery, and you go home the same day. They put a thin mesh "sling" under the bladder neck to hold it up and then over the next 6 weeks scar tissue forms around it and holds it permanently in place. But here's the catch; you can only have the surgery if you won't be having any more children vaginally. Because if you tried a vaginal birth, when the baby descends into the birth canal it would rip that scar tissue right out and you'd bleed to death.

So I'm waiting on the surgery for now. She did say you can have a safe pregnancy, but would have to deliver via c-section. I'm gonna start with the physical therapy and go from there.

I also have.... um... rectal prolapse. :'-( WAAAHHHH!!! I'm only 32, but I feel so so broken. Anyway, the GOOD news is that it's also only Grade 1 and can be helped simply by drinking more water and taking fiber supplements so as to NEVER let yourself get constipated. Straining is the absolute worst thing for it.

Basically my nether regions were severely traumatized by childbirth and haven't really ever recovered. My pudendal nerve was also damaged, but I don't think it really affects anything; it doesn't cause me any pain.

So the good news is that things aren't so bad. =) I won't have incontinence issues forever, which is what I feared.

The doctor also wanted to do a thyroid test, as I guess the thyroid can affect muscle function. The nurse had to try not one, not two, not three or four, not even five but SIX times to get blood!! SIX pokes! Ouch. It was not fun and she felt so horrible. I have notoriously bad veins. Nurses almost always have trouble, but I've never had to be poked THAT many times before. :-P

Anyway, I'm doing very well overall. I have hope that I can be "fixed" and that is a HUGE relief. I'll be able to run and do exercise, laugh, cough and sneeze without fear of leaking. I'll never take the small things for granted again. :-D

I hope you're all well. I weighed in at 145, with all my clothes on and having eaten on the way, so that was good. I think I'm probably hovering right around 140 but I haven't been on the scale since Monday.

Today is my Kate's birthday; she's six! So I'm off to prepare her special breakfast and get ready for a whirlwind crazy day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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  1. Oh my so much for you to think about! Are you wanting more children? It's hard to think of no more once the yougest is past the baby stage isnt it?
    Well at least you have the knowledge that something can be done...that in itself is a comfort!
    Happy birthday to Kate!