Friday, March 25, 2011

Physical Therapy

Today I have my first PT appointment for my pelvic floor.  I'm excited to see what they'll suggest and what they think the prognosis is.  It's a teeny tiny bit awkward because I actually worked for this company before I had kiddos.  I didn't work in the branch I'm going to today, so I probably won't know anyone.  But I might.  ;-) "Oh hey, what are you here for?" "Um.... my broken female parts?" "Oh."  Yeah.  Could be awkward.

In other news, I failed miserably at my fast on Wednesday.  I was fine until noon but then I turned into a freaky deaky witch, and that's not fair to my family.  So I ate.  My mom came over and we made cookies and I had one.

Lately it seems like I do really, really well in the morning/early afternoon with my eating. And then the late afternoon/dinnertime comes and I just crash and burn, hardcore.  It's weird, and interesting.  This week has been so crazy busy.  It's my time of the month, so I have lower energy already, and the sleep around here has been very... fleeting.  Between nightmares, kids up in the night, and kids up early in the morning, I am very exhausted.

So I'm just trying to take things one at a time, and find the balance with being good to my kiddos, getting my housework done, and still eating a healthy meal.

I think we may get a Wii so that I can do some exercise on that, and also so my kids can get out some of their ENDLESS energy.  I know the Wii doesn't replace the gym necessarily, but it's still a small baby turtle step towards getting more physically fit and active. =)

It's FRIDAY!!! I am so so so glad.  I've missed my husband terribly and I finally get to see him today.  We have a shopping trip to Ikea planned tomorrow that the whole family is excited about.  I'm just looking forward to strolling along, holding his hand, and enjoying his company.

Well, I have to get ready to go, but I hope you all have a really great weekend!


  1. Funny about being good in the morning, I could go all day without eating but come the night I could eat for hours on end. The worse part is it is never hunger just boredom.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your jaunt to Ikea and holding hands with your man. I can totally relate to your "dangerous"time of the day. I can really lose it around late afternoon.

  3. Glad to see others are the same....snackish from afternoon to bedtime lol I tried the new Special K Cracker Chips and LOVE them, 30 for only 110 calories!! I also try to eat an apple or banana w. peanut butter or caramel...something that gives me the sugar kick + something healthy.
    The Wii is great!! Your kids will love it! Summer(4)loves the bowling and tennis and we attempt boxing each other lol