Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning I ate greek yogurt and granola instead of super duper yummy birthday cake for breakfast! YES! Success!!! :-D

We had a really good day yesterday, albeit a stressful one. Kate is in heaven with the gifts she got. The night before her birthday we were riding in the car and she said, "Mom, all I really want for my birthday is a baby." Which just happens to be what we had gotten her! Score! It came with two outfits, a diaper and diaper bag, baby toy, bottle, blanket, etc... And then my sister got her a bassinet/high chair and stroller. She hasn't stopped playing with it since!

Here is Kate and "Juliette" (what she named her baby) at breakfast yesterday:

I have another busy day ahead of me.  My house is sort of trashed from the family party last night, although my sweet mom and sisters did help me clean up all the dishes!  But I need to pick up, vacuum, do laundry (um, the boys have no clean pants. Oops.) and then figure out what I'm doing for the birthday party tomorrow with her friends.  I have no games, the cupcakes aren't made, and I have a few random assorted things for the gift bags. 

My OCD is going a little berserk. ;-P

I'm doing well otherwise and now I'm just finishing my coffee before tackling my house.  A clean house makes me happy, so it's worth the work. Laundry is NOT fun, but everyone appreciates the clean clothes in their drawers. ;-)

Ok, I'm totally rambling now so I'll sign off.  Happy Friday!

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