Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You make my heart feel happy

Thanks, you guys, so very much! I really appreciated all your comments, and knowing your reading and care. =)

T-how do you see how many people view your site? That's interesting.

I'm doing fairly well. I actually got a shower in today, and got to sleep til 7a.m.! Owen was in our bed at 2:30 cuz he had a bad dream, but then we all went back to sleep. It was so nice, and very needed. Sleep is crucial!

I stepped on the scale today, and although I'd already had a cup of coffee and eaten it said 141.8, so I'm reassured that I haven't turned into 800 pound woman overnight. Granted, it's no 136 (my lowest) but it's better than 143 or higher.

I really need to do something, but don't know what, and with limited energy I'm just thankful to be semi-maintaining.

Also, I've been out of my hormone drops from Dr. Ray for TWO WEEKS. This is not good, people. He ran out of the water stuff and had to wait for them to come in. But I still haven't gotten them. I'm gonna call right now and find out the status.

I had to leave a message.

Otherwise I'm hanging in there and absolutely enjoyed and appreciate every single comment. =) I did move my ticker to reflect my higher weight, as I want to be honest with myself. And remind myself that I'm working towards a goal, and don't want to run in the wrong direction. ;-)

Hope you are well, and thanks again, so very much for all the love!


  1. You go to your dashboard. click stats and there you have it! Its a fairy new feature for blogger.
    Glad you're feeling better:)

  2. Little fluctuations are normal sweet RA. You are maintaining. You are doing great. I am so happy for you!!!