Monday, March 21, 2011


Happy Monday =)

I am doing well, but feel like I'm just floating along.  I really wanted to lose these extra pounds before starting HCG on April 1st, but I don't have the energy.  Because I've never counted calories before, it's a huge undertaking for me to count them in order to cut down on how many I eat a day in order to lose weight.  I have to run to the computer to check out how many calories are in things.  For example, we buy turkey sausage from Costco, but recycle the cardboard box with the nutrition info.  So I have to look it up online.

And when I make something from scratch, well it just gets even more complicated.

I guess I don't care enough to do it.  Because if I did care enough, I'd make the effort.  But it just is one more thing on my plate, and meh.  I can't be bothered.  Not a very good attitude, I know. :-P

Mediral, the company that produces the HCG has actually stopped making it.  They said it wasn't "homeopathic" and therefore discontinued it.  So it's harder to find it to do my last round.  I'm actually not sure I'm going to be able to.  Part of me is very sad and part of me just doesn't care.

So we'll see what ends up happening. I will only do it if Josh and I are able to go see Dr. Ray in May after I'm done.  Because HCG *is* a hormone, it does affect my hormone balance.  Since I'm currently already out of balance, I'm not too worried about doing another round.  But when I'm done, well then, I'll need to see Dr. Ray for sure.  Plus, it would just be nice to see the sun.  And even better if my handsome hubby is with me! His birthday is in May so we want to take a trip to celebrate that, as well as getting me back to hormonal/chemical balance. :-D

Since seeing the women's specialist last week, and hearing that I must stop my constipation issues, I've been using this:
It really is flavor and grit free. I've mixed it in with my coffee and with water and although there is a very faint aftertaste, it's not hard to get down at all. I don't choke, gag or even wrinkle my nose. ;-)  If you have issues with regularity, I'd recommend it.  I've been taking it 2 or 3 times a day and it is helping.  (I wasn't paid, nor did I receive Metamucil in exchange for this positive review) :-D hee hee

I hope you had a good weekend!  I did, and I'm excited for the week ahead. It's spring break, so Kate is home from school.  I plan to spend some good time with friends, keep on top of my housework and strive to make good, healthy eating choices.

I started out on a good note, choosing a banana and one turkey sausage over my-favorite-dessert-in-the-whole-wide-world apple pie with crumble topping.  And I totally LOVE having pie and coffee for breakfast.  Like, LOVE.  So, yay me!  Hopefully I can keep from eating the whole thing by the end of the day. ;-)


  1. Where did you get that pie? I wanted Mark to make one for us here !! Guess you got that pie and coffee for breakfast from ?? Now sure WHOM you might have gotten it from :)

  2. For constipation senna tea works great (almost too great). The herbal teas for this contain senna. Do not make a cup of pure senna and drink it. If you have to go somewhere the next day it will be bad (ask me how I know). I have a 4 cup tea press and I put 1 senna tea bag and 2 or 3 others (like green tea, chai, or whatever you like). You can drink a full cup of that. I have a cup each day as a rule and no worries. (Just don't drink two cups - see above). Hope this helps.

  3. Yeah, counting energy values is a pain. It is one of the most tedious things I've ever done and not get paid for. I solved this problem by eating the same thing every day. It's not for everyone though.

  4. If you have an iTouch, there's an app called Lose It! That I absolutely love for counting calories. It's free, doesn't require internet, and is very convenient. Plus things will get easier as you begin to remember roughly the calories of things. I did switch to Weight Watchers because it was actually easier for me. Don't forget to watch portions though!