Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Three

Hi guys!

So far the diet is going extremely well.  Yesterday I had:

Glass of water with lemon juice
Cup of coffee with Vanilla Nut creamer
Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries x 2
Salad greens with chicken, hard boiled egg and honey mustard dressing
BBQ'd chicken on salad greens with ranch
70+ ounces of water
1 bottle of diet green tea

I weighed myself this morning and I was 139.0, however I'm mucho constipated.  Sorry, TMI, but it's really severe.  Weird, considering all the fiber I'm eating and water I'm drinking, but it's totally painful.  Anyway, I'll have access to a scale tomorrow and I'll see if that number has gone down anymore by then.  Hopefully! =)

I find the hardest part of this diet is the absolute lack of carbs and anything sweet (besides fruit) allowed.  That's what I want to munch on!  It's my weakness, but so far I've stuck to the diet and not cheated.

I do find that I get physically hungry more often, which again is weird because I'm eating lots of fiber and protein.  Today I didn't have a chance to eat my second serving of yogurt OR fruit (because you're supposed to eat them before 2pm) because we had swim lessons and then the consult with the eye surgeon for Christian. 

He has a lazy eye and has since he was born.  The surgeon told us he can stop wearing his glasses (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and see how he does through the summer.  He thinks his brain will correct it gradually over time, and then they can do surgery down the road.  But if his eye goes out more than 50% of the time or starts to bother him, we can do it sooner.  He also said it won't interfere with his school work (one of our main concerns) because he is able to focus and keep his eyes straight when looking at and reading things up close.  So, good news all around! SOOO glad we don't have to shell out anymore money for those glasses!

It is FREEZING cold here.  I am so perplexed. Is it not JUNE 22!?!?!?  Where is the sun!? Where is summer!?  What is going on????

MB, I'm sorry you are having health problems, and I hope they all get resolved quickly!  When you're ready, I think the 17 Day Diet would be a good option because you can eat as much protein and vegetables as you want, so you can keep yourself full.  Not being able to eat sugar is gonna be really hard, though.  At least, it is for me. :-/

Anyway, still doing good and going strong! I'll weigh again tomorrow and post then.

Happy Hump Day!

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